i didn’t know aquaman ate fish (there is a joke here somewhere)

i thought aquaman didn’t eat fish.
i thought they were his friends.
isn’t his job isn’t to protect his aquatic friends in the oceans?
which makes me wonder what does aquaman even eat?
i have questions after i saw these pictures…

aside from ^this contradiction from his dc character…

Jason Momoa has a huge tail.

i didn’t know he had all that backside.
i was too busy looking at the front.

8 thoughts on “i didn’t know aquaman ate fish (there is a joke here somewhere)

  1. Wow.. I am a “Booty Man” and I had no idea.. It just there was so much going on with him the Hair ,The Face , That Attitude overshadowed my checking for his Big Juicy Ass!

    Also so I don’t see Jason Mamoa as “White”.. He kinda transcends race( To me)

    1. He isn’t “White.” He’s proudly Hawai’ian/mixed. He doesn’t deny it. Why are people talking about this man as if he’s White? The dude he’s fishing with is Native Hawai’ian too. Hawai’ians are Indigenous to their islands, and are Pacific Islander/Polynesian people whose land was stolen from them by White settler colonials. I mean, come on, y’all, this isn’t hidden history!

  2. This isn’t really that interesting, because I recently learned from one of my female friends who told me about White Men. And that is, they can do “suspect” stuff or engage in suspect behavior like this and still be considered “heterosexual.” And I even heard a White guy say this before. It’s another form of privilege to be able to have interactions with other Men, in a homoerotic way, but then say, “oh dude it’s not that fucking serious!” Many White guys do this! And what’s ironic is that, there are Black Men who will engage with White Men in the most suspect behavior too! Feel comfortable enough to do it with them, but won’t even DARE, engage in some of the same ways with other Black Men! It’s very interesting. But yet again, it’s that mentality of wanting to be close to or associated with that “privilege.”

    And sidebar: I have never been into J. Momoa. Idk, but he just doesn’t move me. I’m the type of person who isn’t into someone whom EVERYONE ELSE likes or deems to be sexy. That’s just like how everyone was all over OBJr’s dick. And I’m like, “okay he’s cute. AND??!!”

    But for the sake of your post, yes he does have a nice backside!!! LOL

    1. Hm…i do not think it is about white privilege. Let us be honest here, our black community is harsh toward homosexuality. We are the most judgemental when it comes to homosexuality. People like Dababy and Boosie would have lost everything if they were white and said what they said. Im not saying that white people are all About love but to be fair, they are more…accepting.
      There is a toxic masculinity prevalent in our community :”a man can not do this, a real can not do that”…How many times have we heard in our family that a man does not cry ? Does not wear pink and other silly stuff. #nohomo right ?
      We have to live up to that caricature of male virility, denying our basic humanity, weaknesses, desires… while for white people it is not a big deal. They are simply more comfortable with their sexuality, with who they are. We, back people, are always scrutinizing, sexualizing everything when we can just be free and live !!
      I know so many gay guys who finally settled with a white dude because they were tired on waiting on their black DL trades…

      PS : Momoa has been always been that guy to me. I just need to shower him especially between those meaty ass. He is oozing manhood and sex.

      1. Blacks are judgmental about a lot of things that go on in the community…but so hypocritical as well.
        A lot of us partake in the very actions that are criticized/judged as a whole, whether it is homosexual activity, adultery, drug/alcohol abuse…on the low.
        Had a conversation in the barbershop the other day where this one dude was talking smack about guys aren’t supposed to do this and that, they don’t wear that, etc. I said to him if you are paying your bills and taking care of yourself, can’t nobody say shyt to you. Let them say what they want…they’re going to do it anyway.

    2. Who said Jason is white. He is Hawaiian. To my knowledge they can be white or black. Jason is a “free-spirited” person. He can do whyte people shyt or he can do ghetto shyt which some call “black people shit”. That man is worth money so he can do what he want and he went fishing naked with just a loin cloth on. If he showing ass like that on his day off, I’m for it. I don’t care what his sexual preference or race is.

    3. Just a reminder: Jason Momoa is not White. Jason Momoa (Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa) is mixed race; his father is Native Hawai’ian and his mother is White and Pawnee (Indigenous). Also, he is a wearing a traditional Hawai’ian fishing garment on his tail, not just showing off.

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