the crab legs took the veneer right out of sukihana mouth

my teeth aren’t straight.
i was in a horrible accident with my mouth as a kid.
it has been one of my biggest insecurities next to the list of other ones.
this is why i don’t usually smile in my pictures tbh.
even with all my insecurities tho,
i still managed to bag some of the sexiest wolves.
there was a time when i was interested in getting veneers.
when i saw the process of how they put veneers on,
it was an automatic dub for me.

love and hiphop alum,
just lost one of her veneers eating crab legs…

oh my heavens above…
that looks horrific.
i remember reading of another celeb that had this issue.
they were eating an apple or something.
even tho these veneers make have the ultimate smile,
this seems to be the risk with getting them.
i’m gonna do is do what the pretty vixen did.
it was the clear braces you wear that gradually straighten your teeth.
i think she was able to take them out to eat or something.
veneers just don’t seem too dependable.

7 thoughts on “the crab legs took the veneer right out of sukihana mouth

  1. Wait, so ain’t nobody gon say nothing about since she lost a tooth she didn’t put no wig on, like baby girl, where the rest of yo hair go, did you lose it with yo tooth. But who steals a veneer tooth, what you gon do with it.

    I will say this, there are some crab legs where even the proper utensils have to include a pair or scissors and not the kind yo kids or nephews and nieces use to cut paper. Get the food cutting chef scissors.

  2. I laughed so hard at this entry! I love me some Khia. When I’m in full on ratchet cunt mode, Khia is my go to!

  3. Unfortunately everything that glitters ain’t gold! Our natural teeth (assuming you brush well and have a mineral efficient diet) replenish the enamel by absorbing calcium and phosphate from saliva, veneers CANNOT do this as they are not a living part of our bodies, not to mention enzymes from saliva can break down the cement bond over time, so even if this didn’t happen to her now, eventually she would have had to spend money for upkeep anyway. SMH we let society trick us into thinking man-made things are better then natural and it’s NOT!

    1. ^okay,
      come through with this!
      i def didn’t know this and i hope others read as well.
      as much as braces are ugly,
      they are def the long game.
      veneers always gave me pause and for some,
      look way too big in their mouth.

  4. See what happens when you “Toss Pearls to Swine”.

    Tell Suki and that ( “All yall Pop Ya P#ssy like this “) lady …that there are utensils created to properly dine on Crab legs!!!!

    Remove the meat from the Crab legs first then proceed to chew with your veneers. They weren’t designed for “Chomping” on the shells of Crabs, Lobsters and Such ! ( Ha ha ha )

    1. Lmfao they out here eating crab legs like oh girl in the Tom Hanks movie were she was a mermaid. I can’t think of the name but it was like a real version of the Little Mermaid except she was grown. She had legs when she was dry but when she gets wet her fins come out. He took her to a restaurant and she ate the lobster and crab like she was a dog.

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