this long covid sounds worse than the actual covid

…and here i was asking myself if i’m getting the covid booster.
my only outings these days are getting groceries,
doing laundry,
the occasional walk,
and getting a haircut.
this is called the “in-between blessings” lockdown.
i can’t afford to be out in the forests right now but it might be a blessing.
i’ve heard nightmare stories about long covid.
it’s the long-term after-effects of catching the covids.
a tweeter by the name of savannah brooks just scared my ass…

…and there is more in the text thread ( x here ).

…and now we got the monkeypox coming to terrorize us next.
with all this crime,
food shortages,
and these various illnesses that need vaccines

Is this timeline trying to make us all crazy?

5 thoughts on “this long covid sounds worse than the actual covid

  1. Here is the thing. Covid is definitely not a joke. We also live in a world and a country where they don’t take it seriously and they are allowed to say what they want and increase the fear of it. People who got the shots and booster shots still caught it so regardless, you need to protect yourself at all costs whether you believe in shots or not. This isn’t a vaxxer vs non-vaxxers type of pandemic. It effects all of us regardless what shots, how many shots, who quarantined inside, who outside being reckless; this is life period! Look what happened with HIV and AIDS, people accused everybody who had it as them being gay, then it turned to people on drugs, then it was hospital neglect. Here comes COVID-19; people were more scared of Covid then HIV/AIDS. People were out in full masks but still fucking raw on camera. When the porn industry shut down what happened, Onlyfans and Connectpal surged. Now only Onlyfans still has more porn stars being reckless because they are free from porn rules.

    Regardless what strand, short or long version, people don’t tell you what they were doing before they got it. Once they get it, then they want to be team “get vaccinated, I almost died”. They get real serious after they caught it. Now they want to scare people by all these conspiracy theories. Believe it or not, when they said 5 years, they wasn’t playing. Next year will be 5 years of Covid. They have pills now. We are already on the tail end of this and heading to going back to normal. People are creating fear when there are new medicines to prevent it. Remember we all were scared of Pneumonia, well that’s the new common cold now. “Its just pneumonia and not covid, oh I’m good I will be better in no time.” Stop letting the fear get to you and protect yourself always.

  2. This is ridiculous! I use my judgment and my discernment of when to wear a mask and when not too. I refuse to live in fear but I’m all for precautions.

  3. If you had one dose J&J, you need a booster (Moderna of Pfizer) ASAP. If you had two dose Moderna or Pfizer, you need a booster 6-9 months after the second dose.

  4. Thanks for placing a spotlight on this issue.

    I get so angry at folks out in public within interiors without mask .

    I assume it’s because they :

    1 ) Had Covid , survived it and think ” NO big whoop”
    2) Believe that Covid is gone and that its over- hyped
    3) Doesn’t personally know a person killed ( too soon ) from Covid ( I do ,Family and Friends who were loving and kind )

    4) Just nasty, stupid, and devoid of empathy for others

    I hope and pray for those like this woman find comfort and the scientific community finds a cure!

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