just like you, lebron james gets lonely too

i think many people who “make it” end up having buyer’s remorse.
we always forget about:

“In the Honeymoon Phase”

you’d think a baller wolf like lebron james would never feel lonely.
beautiful wife,
amazing kids,
celebrity friends,
and a shit ton of accolades.
he tweeted this the other day…

it even had odell beckham jr cosigning:

it’s crazy that we see them attending every party,
surrounded by the beautiful,
and “having it all” but actually feeling like one of us.
it’s not far-fetched tbh.
It’s a part of life that we don’t address.

i see a lot of gays on social media at every cock fight and ribbon cutting.
a few are on our timelines sleeping with the bold and the beautiful.
in the gym every day trying to achieve the perfect “likable” bawdy.
it’s the same with celebs.

What we don’t realize is these folks are around us for the wrong reasons.

some of these people don’t truly like or care about us.
they just like our money,
our bawdies,
and our status.
some threw away the ones who were there “before” it all.
so the loneliness sets in once we realize this shit ain’t really real.
this is why the rich get escorts to just talk to.
this is why many gays end up bitter once the partying and sexing are over.

This is why many divorced people end up feeling lost after marriages that once were tied to who they are.

people are lonely out here and we think they are “living their best lives“.
the rich and famous are included.

lowkey: in his next tweet…

this is the next phase once you are tired of people’s bs.

5 thoughts on “just like you, lebron james gets lonely too

  1. I think a lot of people think he means he is lonely in his relationship and don’t realize, its not that. You can be lonely in your journey to be the best at what you do in your career.

  2. He built a school, he gives back to his community, he is a leader and mentor to those who want to be on that level. You can’t do that to veterans and players who feel they are equal or better than you. They are stuck in their own ways. You can see why Lebron feels lonely. They don’t have the same drive he has. Odell feels the same about his team. Being lonely doesn’t always be your lonely looking for somebody in a relationship. Both of them are players looking for teammates to be on their level. Odell had that with New York Giants and then it stopped. He thought he can find it with his friend team, now he is on his third team and he fought to get that ring, only to get injured doing it. Odell works the same way Lebron does but they play different sports. They both are the best at what they do. The money is what changes these guys and their drive. They don’t play for the love of the game and being the best. They playing for the money and how much they can get.

  3. I can believe it. It’s lonely when only you want to do the things you want to do but you prefer to be alone doing it. He gets up early and go to the gym to work out but its just him that wants to do that. He not lonely as far as his relationship. He is lonely in his journey and his focus. He built a super team and it failed because those players have their own agendas. He thought he was going to be a mentor or leader and they just came to see the benefits for themselves and it failed big time!

  4. It’s a double edge sword for real. I like being alone but I do have my lonely moments especially being gay and single surrounded by so many straights in relationships and straights with kids. It can be A LOT sometimes. I also love being my own company, like I have so many interests and hobbies that I can entertain myself perfectly fine. Sometimes it’s just beautiful to just have alone time to think and breathe without someone or something breathing down your neck. Ehh cest la vie!

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