So Lets Get Into The Pinkprint From Nicki Minaj (FOXY REVIEW)

10784892_1490554537888685_1433127262_n-640x220when i heard nicki minaj was coming out with a new album,
one inspired by jay’s “the blueprint”,
i will admit i was pretty excited.
i enjoyed that whole blueprint movement,
and it serves a lot of memories from high school,
so i KNEW nicki minaj was about to deliver.
she immediately dropped singles to prepare us for this new era.
“lookin’ ass pineapple” and “boss ass bitch” i was feelin’ type heavy.
she is spittin’.
thank god.
when she rapped on the lackluster “anaconda”,
i was scratching my head with the sour face.
even though i loved “pills and potions”,
i was really eh for “bed of lies”.
my hype for this album kinda went out the window.
one of my readers sent me the album to review and well…

…BUT i do have some critiques.
the one thing that irks me about this album is the constant “whitney-ing”.
she replaced her nauseating pop tracks,
if you count “the night is still young”,
with now “that pineapple hurt my soul” caterwauling.
i can do without “i lied”,
“grand piano”,
“bed of lies”,
and “mona lisa”.
tumblr_mi9o2d3gy31qh96tgo1_500now what i love…
she came with some big features like beyonce and ariana grade tho.
while “feelin myself” with beyonce is catchy as hell,
i actually prefer “get on your knees” with ariana grande.
nicki got ariana out here talmbout getting her pussy eaten.
i like a wolf on his knees so we all have something in common there.
my other favorites are:

“the crying game”
“buy a heart” feat. meek
“only” feat. drake, wayne, and breezy
four door aventador”
“favorite” feat. jeremih
“trini den girls”
“big daddy” feat. meek
“shanghai” <—- on fleek!!!!

funny enough i actually like “anaconda” and “bed of lies” as the album plays.
they definitely shouldn’t have been singles to sell this album.
again: who are her people?

american-idol-gifamerican-idol-quotesnicki-minajwhile nothing has come close to “pink friday”,
and “roman reloaded” will remain a disaster we will try to forget,
“the pinkprint” is actually pretty solid.
plus she is spittin’ more.
thank god.
its not a classic album as “the blueprint” since there is no:

“u don’t know”
“girls girls girls”
“heart of the city”
“song cry”
“all i need”
“people be talkin”

noqy…she did come back to why the fuck we fell in love with her.
cocky bravada.
metaphor raps.
no rainbow wigs or halloween costumes.
thank god.
i would give her my money with this one.
its better than “that new classic” that designer imposter got out.

buy “the pinkprint”: itunes | google play | listen to the whole album here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “So Lets Get Into The Pinkprint From Nicki Minaj (FOXY REVIEW)”

  1. I wonder if Lady Gaga will learn to tone down for her next album.

    I didn’t like “Pills n Potions” but I will admit, “Anaconda” grew on me. I do agree with you, it was a weak single. Glad to hear that’s not all I have to look forward to.

  2. Nicki is hit and miss with me. Some of her stuff I like and the other stuff is garbage to me. One thing I like about her is that she toned down that colorful wig and clothing style she used to have. She looks so much better without it.

  3. i will have to disagree with yall tho, im not feeling this album damn nicki can bring fire , and this is not fire to me this is hot water , and its not doing it for me, i feel like she got a beat liked it wondered what to rap about , did a lil freestyle then wend like “oh this is kinda catchy yeah lets record it .on the other hand pink friday was the shit it has structure it has that something that made me wanna blast the whole building with it , i seriously did not skip any song , this album is not doing it for me , and her performance is lacking she is getting boring on stage, and im not judging im a true nicki fan been riding with her since 2007 , but imma have to pass, she goes harder on mixtapes than on her albums lol

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