So Lets Get Into The Pinkprint From Nicki Minaj (FOXY REVIEW)

10784892_1490554537888685_1433127262_n-640x220when i heard nicki minaj was coming out with a new album,
one inspired by jay’s “the blueprint”,
i will admit i was pretty excited.
i enjoyed that whole blueprint movement,
and it serves a lot of memories from high school,
so i KNEW nicki minaj was about to deliver.
she immediately dropped singles to prepare us for this new era.
“lookin’ ass pineapple” and “boss ass bitch” i was feelin’ type heavy.
she is spittin’.
thank god.
when she rapped on the lackluster “anaconda”,
i was scratching my head with the sour face.
even though i loved “pills and potions”,
i was really eh for “bed of lies”.
my hype for this album kinda went out the window.
one of my readers sent me the album to review and well…
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