Justin Brent Scores Another Ass To His Body Count

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 12.14.42 PM…allegedly.
pre baller wolf of notre dame,

justin brent,
is sort of the man to be.
you remember he was getting his props for allegedly ( x banging a porn star )?
well he dropped her and moved on to someone else.
everyone meet the new tail he is allegedly banging the life out of…

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 12.18.26 PM…and it’s a whole lotta ass.
everyone meet elke the stallion.
i know.drake-funny-gifi’m just confused as you are.
this is what tmz had to say:

Notre Dame WR Justin Brent — the guy who dated porn star Lisa Ann — has moved on to thicker pastures … and is now dating one of the most famous booty models in the ass game … TMZ Sports has learned.

Of course, Brent’s brief relationship with the 42-year-old porn Hall of Famer made national headlines earlier this year … since the 19-year-old goes to a Catholic university which frowns upon pre-marital sex.

But now it seems Lisa Ann is out … replaced by Elke the Stallion — whose 36DD-30-50 measurements have made her an Internet superstar … and recently scored her a major part in Major Lazer’s “Bubble Butt” video.

We spoke with Elke who says she first met Brent through social media … but the cyber-flirting escalated to the point where she decided to attend the USC-ND game in L.A. last month to meet Brent in person.

Elke says the two hit it off … “He’s a mad cool dude. Very respectful. Not an Idiot like the rest of them.”

So how serious are they? Elke claims it’s too early to tell … but says “you never know” where things could end up.













….is it me…
or are my foxy senses the only alarms going off?
i’ll play along tho for sake of being objective

“oh my god…
he the pineapple yo.
she got a crazy fat ass!
i know he is banging the life out those cheeks!…”

…did that sound legit enough?

article found: tmz

pictures taken: elke | justin brent

11 thoughts on “Justin Brent Scores Another Ass To His Body Count

  1. “Notre Dame WR Justin Brent — the guy who dated porn star Lisa Ann — has moved on to thicker pastures … ”

    Am I the only one who was laughing so hard at this?

    1. I saw that too JEC and I fell out lls the way she looks now is def an upgrade from her past. She was SUPER busted.

  2. Y’all are being too harsh on the young buck. Are you proud of everywhere you put your dick when you were 19? Im not. Nor, would I change even one. The point of being 19 is to figure out your type and smash as much of it as possible, while using protection against babies and disease. Do you, Justin. Which other college students are being discussed on the best blog on the net?

  3. Ok. Not cute…AT ALL!
    Get a decent girl fellas…stop fuckin’ with these thirsty skanks!!!

  4. When I first saw her picture, my first thought was “her body is ridiculous.” And not in the good way.

    I found it funny when she says “He’s a mad cool dude. Very respectful. Not an Idiot like the rest of them.”

    What does she mean by that? Why would she expect to attract a nice man with the way she puts herself out there? Look at the 3 side by sides. Look at em! Nothing about those pics say “I like reading, writing, & arithmetic.”

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