Shut Up Baby and Just Take It (How To Survive War Tactics In Corporate or The Industry)

tumblr_mi6kbbOTOP1r9ulnho2_r1_500corporate america,
like the entertainment industry,
can be one of the mostt cut throat places to work.
people always go into it trying to make these life long friends.
they think because they chill outside of work,
probably telling all their business,
that they have some kind of bond.
well they soon realize that knife,
or a couple daggers and ninja stars,
isn’t really bonded to the other person’s hand.
tumblr_nfbjgtVD1e1tsqmfco1_250and this one:

tumblr_nf5xmh3NU41tcbhsqo2_500although who really knows with that story.
the main reason why with these industries is competition.
how can you really be friends with someone who is in the same hustle as you?
sometimes people who don’t like you will cosign someone your competition.
they will find someone new,
who they think is better than you,
and use them to try and bring you down.
i work in both industries so i got trained pretty quick on how to handle idiots.
i learned who i need to clap back at,
and who i just need to wait because they will ultimately bury themselves.
this new wolf seems like he will be the latter

he flipped out on an assistant yesterday.
he already has gotten a complaint about his attitude.
see he is hood and the mentality of:

“if anyone says anything to me i don’t like,
i’m going to let them know about themselves…”
he does.
he actually said that as liar liar was trying to calm him down.
for whatever reason,
she tries to go to bat for him and make him “the golden wolf”.
i think its because she knows i’m not or will never be her people.
rat does relate with rat.
even though when he wasn’t there the other day,
she was still talking crazy shit about him with another vixen.
there ain’t no loyalty in the game…
i was telling my people sometimes i feel like a kenya moore” at this job.
i’m legit surrounded by a bunch of “nenes”,
and “kandis”.

tumblr_mdg2chxVcl1qamu0xo1_400one thing i have learned in these industries is when i don’t react,
the person who tried me ends up looking like a fool.
not even response needs your response.
i could have reacted about that job interview last week.
bring up why i should have gotten a long lunch because of all that i do.
liar liar has said some low-key nasty shit to get my reaction.
i respond through other people.
they say what a good worker i am or praise me with gifts.
she ends up looking like a fool with the sour face on.

these haters got a sour ass look upon their face…
lemonade lemonade…” – danity kane

as a fox,
you need to know when is the best time to strike.
foxes observe the chicken coop before getting the chickens.
people will try their best to put you on front street.
there ain’t nothing wrong with putting someone in check.
people need their shit and the ingredients thrown back in their face.
depending on the situation tho,
its always best to shut the fuck up.
let your personality and work speak for itself.
if the person is a hot head or a “liar liar”,
who do you think they will believe from the outside looking in?
i have learned that approach works wonders in the long term.
people will bury themselves with their own shovel.
all you need to do is dress nice for their funeral.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Shut Up Baby and Just Take It (How To Survive War Tactics In Corporate or The Industry)”

  1. Good post, I think at times people forget there is a such thing called karma and it always gets it right. Just because we don’t necessarily see it in motion doesn’t mean it’s not moving. People get what’s coming to them good or bad.

    “Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” are words I live by

  2. As always this post is nothing but the truth. Dealing with similar at work right now. Even though before I would’ve clapped back at anyone, it’s just nice to see someone bury themself and you’re there to witness it.

    1. True God has it all in control our lives follow our words so be kind in your words and watch how we treat people love as God loves ,see as god see forgive as God forgives, blessed is he who sees the enemy, and is not fooled to his ways and the people he uses. Love you j, you are our (gay) O.

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