What I Got Reading “The Power Playbook” by La La Anthony

la-la-anthony-book-signing-e1426780604332like i said in ( x my last entry ),
i assumed all the wrong things about la la anthony.
i assumed she was a basketball wife who came up after marrying carmelo anthony.
i assumed she just hosted reality shows.
i assumed she got hooked up with acting roles.
i assumed she was just a working socialite.
well a fox assumed wrong.
after reading “the power playbook”,
i can honestly say all those assumptions have been killed.
i will kindly pull my cape out for her life…

lala-anthony-the-power-playbookso “the power playbook” is a self motivator into achieving power.
in la la’s words,
power is not about having the most material possessions.
its not tons of likes/comments on your social media account.
power is actually doing what you love and being good at it.
its powerful to be able to wake up,
knowing you are in full control of your life and career.
we all have dreams we want to accomplish,
but it takes pursuing those dreams that is your source of power.

every chapter was such an eye opening read for me.
she made me realize that I have no plan.
i’m kinda just been floating through life.
sure i update this blog daily,
even after days i want to just sleep,
but i could be doing so much more.
don’t get me wrong,
i have gotten really far in life by this approach.
sometimes i have to say by the grace of god that i’m “here”.
i’m not doing what i want to do.
i’m not fulfilled being chained to a desk.
i have been a slave to a “fuck shit” job and the minions who work there.
this book allowed me to see what needs to be done to succeed.
the “season of selfishness” was actually brought about by this book.
i’m looking deeper inside and trying to find myself.
i am a power source and not even realizing it.

tumblr_nlq84mtbDp1qcgfy3o2_500la la didn’t have it easy.
she worked her way from the bottom to where she is now.
she started out as an intern,
then moved onto hosting,
and is now in hot pursuit of an acting career.
even tho she is married to one of the biggest baller wolves in the world,
she didn’t allow him to sponsor her life.
she wanted her own.
she didn’t want her life being controlled by someone else.
i don’t blame her.

la la anthony is a positive motivating power source.
she changed my outlook reading this book.
last week was hell for me,
but as soon as i started reading the book,
i could see a change in my mental.
i saw where i was going wrong within my life.
where i’m at a standstill.
she put things into perspective.
you should DEFINITELY check this book out.
i’m allowing it.
its from a power source you probably didn’t even realize.
see that’s the thing with powerful people.
you usually don’t see them coming.
you can check out la la in the new season of “power” on starz.

buy “the power playbook”:

barnes and noble
google play

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “What I Got Reading “The Power Playbook” by La La Anthony”

  1. Come payday I’ll give this book a cope. I ready for a change and I needed some words to help.

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