Guess Who Is Joining The Cast of Empire?

empire__metaimage_st_01you will never believe who is going to be on empire next season.
i’m actually excited about this addition…
brandy-whipbrandy is booked to be on the second season!
here are some pictures with her and her new cast:

 i just hope she isn’t playing another version of “chardonnay pitts”.
either way congrats to brandy!
empire is going to have 18 episodes next season!
and beyonce are allegedly slated to make appearances as well.

lowkey: i’m hustlin hard to see brandy in “chicago” during her run.
i reallllllllllly want to see her.

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14 thoughts on “Guess Who Is Joining The Cast of Empire?”

  1. Happy for Brandy, she seems so genuine at this time in her life. I think that she saw how being marketed like a product of this perfect person as a teen almost broke her. I am proud that she overcame and didnt let falling off the success mountain ruin her, she has this positive glow about her now like she is in a good place in her life. I am glad that she opened up and let us know that she is like the rest of us with good and bad days and just because she has money and fame her life is far from perfect. I would love to be able to see her in Chicago this summer.

  2. Good for brandy I wonder who she will play? Maybe a grown version of moesha lol

  3. Ok…sad to say, I’m not impressed by this addition to the cast. Is Jamie Lee Curtis joining the cast as well?!

    1. Fox announced Jamie Lee was joining the show “Scream Queens” today at the Fox upfronts.It’s possible she was just taking pics with them.There were tons of actors representing different shows there.

  4. Brandy is doing a new show on BET,”Zoe Moon”.She told Meredith Viera that she wanted to play herself on Empire .I suspect she will be like Patti Labelle and sing on the show and possibly do a duet with Jussie.Jussie is a Brandy stan,he tweeted about B-Rocka

  5. She needs to go sit on down somewhere! Her time is over! I can’t wait to see what Bey brings to the table!

  6. So in addition to Brandy joining, it was also confirmed today that Chris Rock, Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys had joined. And don’t forget Lee already confirmed Oprah. This is turning into a circus.

    1. They are guest stars.Last season they had Snoop,Mary J,Patti,Rita Ora,Anthony Hamilton,etc.It wasn’t a circus.The show is about the music biz in all likelihood they will be playing themselves in one episode .

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