Miguel Does “Bawdy” For His Next Album

CEwyyfmUEAAnEmxum miguel…
i see he is trying to cum back strong.
bawdy included.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: miguel a freak too.
he say he like to eat the booty.
i’ll buy his album.
i support my fellow freaks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Miguel Does “Bawdy” For His Next Album”

  1. I’ve always been a Miguel fan. I’m more ways than one. Since the “All I Want Is You” which is a sleeper album by industry standards, but I thought it was awesome!

  2. Well Damn Miguel, I see you with those Abs, you aint playing with the kids this summer, its do or die dammit and Miguel is here to sell these records, with that video ready body. I aint even mad.

  3. i still think his first album was the best..but vocally i feel he’s just okay…he makes great songs but vocally i just feel like he’s mediocre…Great material, great writer mediocre singer lol…much like Omarion, The Weekend, and a bevy of other male singers from this generation…SN: that body though i’d ball his lil ass up and go HAM lol

    1. ^I will agree that his first album is his best. Haven’t been impressed by anything he’s done since. He was different when he came onto the scene, but he fell into the formulaic artist category…doing the same as everyone else. I like The Weeknd, even though as Dignified pointed out, he’s crossing into that realm of having all of his songs sound the same. If he can avoid that, he might be around for a while, especially with the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack introducing him to the mainstream.
      Omarion is trying DESPERATELY to shake his B2K image, and he is failing miserably. He is latching on to poor producers/writers, and they are not helping his career one bit…’cause Posed To Be is one whack as fuck track! LOL

      1. Lol @Christian Posed To Be is very corny and so is Omarion. This generation of male R&B singers are just average or just corny everybody talking about drinks, clubs, girls, thots, money. The true generation of male R&B singers were the 90s. I swear the 90s era was when the best music was made period.

      2. Agreed! We have discussed this before, but these artists are lacking originality. Tbh the only song I know of Miguel’s is “adorn” and I like that song, and was thinking of checking him out. I’ll check out his first album as you guys said.
        The Weeknd has originality but he needs to stretch those limits to hold his position!
        The 90’s were good..too bad I was too young to appreciate it LOL!
        I’m not sure if creativity is lacking because everything’s been done already or this generation really does have NO talent or creativity/originality.
        I swear they are all carbon copies of each other, or things that have been done in the past, or people just straight up trying to mimic Michael Jackson. If they’re trying to be like MJ, they’re missing the whole point of why MJ was successful by copying him!

  4. Idk what it is about him. Sometimes I find him attractive and sometimes I don’t lol. I feel the same way about Drake.

  5. Someone is looking masculine these days. If he only could do something with that hair. The top preferably.

    1. LOL his hair bothers me too brother! I just can’t get with it!

      I didn’t know he had all that body though…goodness!

  6. Love his music too and keep All I Want is You in rotation. But you call him a freak for eating booty? That’s a standard sexual activity now. You better eat some puss or ass or get bounced.

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