he killed you and got off easy because of “gay panic”

Did you know that if you are gay/trans and are killed by a straight male,
he may get off from seeing any jail time because of something called the “gay panic defense”?

bet some of you didn’t know this as i didn’t.
i learned about it while watching the last episode of “last call: when a serial killer stalked queer new york” on max.
during the hyena’s first murder in college,
where he killed a gay male and dumped him in the ocean,
they used that defense that allowed him his freedom.
if they would have hauled his ass to prison in 1973,
he wouldn’t have gone on years later to brutally murder other gays.
big yikes,
let’s look deeper at the law via wiki…

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last call at the bar for a round of gay murder

i have been obsessed with this documentary on max calledlast call: when a serial killer stalked queer new york“.
i didn’t even know this was a thing until i started watching.
he was like the summer of sam serial hyena was to brunettes in new yawk.

The serial hyena would meet unsuspecting gay males at bars,
take them home for a night of sex,
and they’d be found in pieces in Jersey days later.
Their heads and limbs in one area; their belongings in another.

the documentary focused on homophobia in the 90s new yawk too.
it was a time when violence against gays was at a high and accepted.
nypd did not gaf and indulged in their own hatred towards gays.
add onto this deranged serial killing hyena in the background,
it was a tough time to be gay in new yawk during the 90s.
each victim was different but it made me think about something…

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Kanye West Is Now Living Single

livingsingleremember khadijah,
and regine of living single?
well let’s introduce kanye west to the cast…

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tumblr_mpd67uvrtA1qj171uo1_400hate is such a strong word.
i’ll use loathe.
police have been fuckin’ with people (minorities) for years.
in ny they have a law where they can search you at any given moment.
even if you are innocent and minding your own business.
the following video is heartbreaking.
these pigs shot this wolf’s dog because he was trying to protect his owner.
you know they do that sort of thing.
the owner should have been minding his business,
but did they really have to shoot this animal?…

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