last call at the bar for a round of gay murder

i have been obsessed with this documentary on max calledlast call: when a serial killer stalked queer new york“.
i didn’t even know this was a thing until i started watching.
he was like the summer of sam serial hyena was to brunettes in new yawk.

The serial hyena would meet unsuspecting gay males at bars,
take them home for a night of sex,
and they’d be found in pieces in Jersey days later.
Their heads and limbs in one area; their belongings in another.

the documentary focused on homophobia in the 90s new yawk too.
it was a time when violence against gays was at a high and accepted.
nypd did not gaf and indulged in their own hatred towards gays.
add onto this deranged serial killing hyena in the background,
it was a tough time to be gay in new yawk during the 90s.
each victim was different but it made me think about something…

The first two victims were DL males who were married with kids.
They were using vixens as a cover while living their best DL lives.
One of the victim’s families didn’t even know he was gay until his death.
Imagine being a wife and finding out your husband was using work trips to explore his sexuality.
You end up finding out the truth because he ends up in pieces in a dumpster.

The next victim was a sex worker whose family didn’t know what he did.
He had all these nice things and was very vague about his employment.
His family was in denial about his sexuality as well.

So because of this,
no know truly knew him and he kept his movements a secret.
When he was murdered,
his friends didn’t even know until they started filming the documentary.

The last victim was a popular gay male who was out.
He came from a small town and wanted to live his truth in New Yawk,
a place where you can be and be free to live how you want to be.

He was a staple at a popular bar and his murder was what really got everyone’s attention.

there are probably more victims that we don’t know about.
the one thing that led to all of their demise was sex.

as i’m watching,
i’m starting to realize that things haven’t really changed.
we have just moved things over to social media.
it’s easier to hide and easier to die as well.

DL males,
who use vixens as a cover,
are using social media to get their secret needs met.
They don’t have to go to bars or clubs anymore to have sex.
It’s as simple as creating a profile and being available.
Not only that,
we can meet upper-echelon DL public figures without leaving our homes.

Many males who are sex workers or escorts are vague about their lives.
We just see them wearing expensive shit and traveling all over the place.
All they do is work out and take pictures of themselves in various positions.
They can be gay or straight but back in 90s New Yawk,
they were known as “trade”.
They traded their bawdies for money or drugs.
males are being traded for a lifestyle and social media clout.

It’s easier to be trade online since sex work is highly accepted and lucrative.
 Onlyfans has become a source of legalized prostitution.

Out males that are popular are getting more reach.
They aren’t at local neighborhood bars anymore.
They have platforms where their voices can be heard.
I’ll font you a secret about some of them.
Their popularity helps them land all kinds of males including the closeted.
They love to talk down on things they secretly indulge in as well.
It’s trendy to say you hate DL males until you’re fuckin’ the sexiest/richest one.

This documentary served as a warning.
it doesn’t matter what role you choose to take in this life,
you can still be a victim if you aren’t being careful.
the idea of sex and fantasy has been the downfall of many of us.
one of my fears is having to write an entry about YOU.
the worst part is not even realizing it’s someone that reads me daily.
i need to be careful as well.
please stay safe and use your common sense out there.

4 thoughts on “last call at the bar for a round of gay murder

  1. San Francisco also had a serial killer in the 1970″s, similar to the upper mentioned profile.
    I am very very happy to be off the market for trysts.
    Many many years ago I had a experience which turned violent. I escaped with my clothes barely on, running from a hotel room with my shoes in my hand.

  2. We learned about this case in my Forensic Medicine class and we dissected the methods upon which he killed the victims and disposed of the bodies more so than the social constructs of it all and I say your analysis is spot. What’s scary is like you’ve mentioned much hasn’t changed and the victims came from different socioeconomic status too. Money can’t always protect you. I long for a relationship now but between work, school and etc I rarely have time. So I may converse online with guys occasionally and it’s weird how fast people want access to you. No one wants to date or communicate, even on the social dating apps like Tinder or Hinge. Folks will meet you Monday and expect to be invited over by Friday. We definitely have to be careful and above all TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING. If your spirit feels something isn’t right it’ll forewarn. People better start tapping into that spirit more often to detect dangers.

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