Swipe My Finga Right Onto Some Butt Cheekz

siri-exploited-bypass-iphones-lock-screen-browse-contacts-make-calls-send-emails-texts-ios-7-1-1.w654speaking of iphones and ratchet photo albums,
 i got caught up with my barber today.
so when i go to my shop,
i usually show him pictures of different hairstyles to replicate.
this week was a cut by kellon deryck.
my usual.
so when he was standing next to me looking at the picture,
i made the mistake and swiped right.
this is what showed up…
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So Lemme Tell You About This Bitch I Had To Drop Kick Today…

Porsha-Stewart-and-Cynthia-Baileyi’m sure thats how she started that story off.
they are determined to make me lift my reality tv ban.

well a vix-bi filled me in on how #rhoa is the new #lhhatl.
you know #lhhatl is family friendly now.
well the latest in this match up are cynthia bailey and porsha williams.
the bore vs the big mouth.
tmz got the latest on this cat fight…
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Azealia Banks Stay Carrying Around A Sycamore Tree

Qy3qlRBhJ8fYEBjp1hG4wHU6QLrxzYLvsgdwyWJk3405507this “nicki vs tay tay” beef is hot.
everyone trying to get their 2 minutes of shine.
well azealia banks wanted to bask in the sunshine today.
she might need to get out from under that tree posting this…
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Rihanna Ain’t The One Hun

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.26.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.26.19 PMthey stay trying to assault rihanna character,
don’t they?
vixen just had the #1 movie and song too.
so they tried to imply rih was doing coke in this video:

…and i’m sure it looks very convincing.
well rihanna made sure to show us what was really going.
peep her instagram upload…

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f0xmail: Look At All The Field Negros! Look At Em!


So, I was looking up info on Darrelle Revis and clicked a Google image which led me to the following website.
All I can say is, who does stuff like this?  Can u imagine the time and effort it took?  Someone has too much hate on their hands.

 However, as I scrolled through the images, I said to myself…Well Damn!