So Lemme Tell You About This Bitch I Had To Drop Kick Today…

Porsha-Stewart-and-Cynthia-Baileyi’m sure thats how she started that story off.
they are determined to make me lift my reality tv ban.

well a vix-bi filled me in on how #rhoa is the new #lhhatl.
you know #lhhatl is family friendly now.
well the latest in this match up are cynthia bailey and porsha williams.
the bore vs the big mouth.
tmz got the latest on this cat fight…

We’re told Porsha Williams was on a boat in ATL with fellow castmate Cynthia Bailey when things got hot. The 2 women began arguing about nothing and Porsha started calling Cynthia a bitch. Cynthia tried to disengage, walking to the other side of the boat, but in true form Porsha followed.

Porsha got in Cynthia’s face, and that’s when Cynthia exercised self-defense, kicking Porsha in the stomach. Producers came in before Porsha could react and restrained her.

As for injuries … Porsha went to the hospital, where she scored pain meds.

And big surprise … the fight was captured on camera.

giphywell who knew cynthia had it in her.
she had to drop kick a bitch so she could continue to keep her spot.
i’m not even mad.
from what i remember,
cynthia is/was a little dull.
we still waiting on bravo to give peter his peach.
when is that happening?
i don’t know if a spinning star kick is enough to make me tune in next season,but i may watch that episode for reviewing purposes.

i won’t make any promises foxhole.
#rhoa returns in the fall.

article taken: tmz

6 thoughts on “So Lemme Tell You About This Bitch I Had To Drop Kick Today…

  1. Cynthia is bored af and a shit stirrer. If I were Porsha, I would’ve thrown that bitch overboard.

    I guess Cynthia know she only on the show on a wing and a prayer.

  2. Wow I never thought I would see the day when Cynthia gets in any physical fight, Bravo must really need the ratings or something.

    P.S. Peter can’t get a peach because if he did he would take nene’s throne as the shadiest bitch on the show. đŸ˜†

  3. Yea, they say Porsha was the instigator lol. I also read Porsha fell and bumped her head like Humpty Dumpty lol.

    I am here for next season.

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