f0xmail: Kellon Deryck, Amiyah Scott… and Steven Beck?

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.27.49 PMwell today is steven beck’s birthday.
“happy birthday steven!”
i got a f0xmail this morning about steven and i couldn’t wait to post it.
as you know,
foxhole fav,
kellon deryck has gotten a boost in popularity.
he needs to thank amiyah scott for putting him further on the map.
he has been the talk of many forests.
well it seems steven beck may also be involved in this scheme as well.
this is what was shoved into my box

Photo 3
I’ve been following your brand and blog for the past 2 years and am in love with the fact you get a lot of exclusives. I saw the post about Amiyah Scott faking her relationship with hairstylist, Kellon Deryck and I’ve attached pictures of he and his fitness trainer boyfriend, Steven Beck. They are in hopes the pseudo-relationship with Amiyah will help push and launch Kellon’s new hairline and Steven’s Fitness line. But Kellon has always been known to have a fetish for trannies so he and Amiyah and Steven may all have a mutual understanding. 

They’ve both recently deleted a lot of pictures of one another (Kellon and Steven) so people won’t really get into their past.
now i can’t confirm the validity of this story…
tumblr_mpwg5yB0nL1rso9d7o1_400…but i have a few questions.
so i thought it was revealed in the foxhole that kellon was allegedly in a long term relationship?
doesn’t his ex make food or something?
isn’t steven allegedly thottin’ with some muscular wolves?
hasn’t amiyah been confirmed to just be “guest at party” on #rhoa?
is kellon an alleged wolf, fox, or hybrid?
is steven beck good in bed?
okay the last one i threw in there.
you know i have more,
but i’ll wait to see the direction of this entry before i ask.
i feel like the kellon/amiyah rumors are better than the upcoming season of #rhoa.
they are getting more pr than milan christoper on #lhhh.
that might be a good thing.
disclaimer: jamari fox cannot confirm or deny any f0xmail’s i receive.
everything posted is not fact.
do your homework and be the judge yourself.
whatever is posted in the comments does not reflect jamari fox.

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19 thoughts on “f0xmail: Kellon Deryck, Amiyah Scott… and Steven Beck?”

  1. Watch a sex take leak in 3,2,1……………..

    As much as I want to say I don’tthink he needs fake relationship to promote a haircare line his name has been popping up more there last few weeks. So I guess this plan is working.

    P.S. Can you imagine the sex between Kellon and Steven (if what was stated above was true) 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    1. I think i would actually pay money to see that. I would want it in HD 1080p or the highest resolution because that would be the go to. LOL!
      *Ahem* for education purposes only to determine the dynamics of the pressures of being two gorgeous black gay/bi (whatever they are) men in this straight world! *cough* but yeah I’d pay for that. LOL!

  2. False tea. Kellon and Beck are not dating. And it’s a fact Amiyah was only a guest at the party. I hear she might be filming with Kandi but nothing serious

    1. Yeah Amiyah just filmed an episode of Kandi Koated Nights with Kandi so it’s possible she may make a brief appearance on RHOA.

  3. LOL! idk what to say. Though Kellon and Steven make a good match. Kellon and the chef guy ( or whatever he is) were a hot pairing as well.
    I was hoping Kellon would be above all this RHOA reality TV nonsense. Please baby, please, you’re too good (and fine) for that.
    Either way it doesn’t matter. Idk who Amiyah is so uhm, no comment lol.

  4. Both Kellon and Steven posted a pic on their IGs of the two of them at Kellon’s place just six days ago on Kellon’s birthday.So how are they trying to hide their relationship.Amiyah is not going to be a cast member on RHOA ,she may make an appearance or two.It is possible Steven and Kellon used to date but now Kellon is dating Amiyah.Who knows.Apparently Steven is also friends with Milan Christopher as well.

      1. I’m getting smash buddies from them heavy too. Damn I don’t do “smash” buddies, but I’d make exceptions for either of them. Especially Kellon. lol!

  5. I’m confused as to how everyone knows their business. I need references, until then I can’t believe it until I see it. I just feel like everyone in this lil Atlanta crew has slept with each other at least once lol.

  6. I guess you have to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt, I follow The Beck on IG and he gave a shoutout to the homie Kellon tonight for his BDay, they went to dinner, I saw the video as well Y Colette. Actually, of all the attentionista’s I follow on IG, I like Steven. He seems to be a pretty positive dude and dont hide the fact that he likes attention, but he never seems to brag and say look at me, look at what I got. This whole crew is very ambiguous in regards to their sexuality, and I have no problem with that. I think most dudes who work out and look a certain way are used to both men and women hitting on them. Many gay dudes are now just as swoled and buffed as their straight counterparts so its only natural that these crews may hang together, sadly if their is a gay dude in the crew, the whole gang gets that label and behind it all is a messy gay dude or female. Many straight men are clueless when you look and act like them and have no problem welcoming you and being cool with you when they are comfortable. Until I see the sex tape of Mr. Beck or until he comes out, I am going give him a pass. It makes for juicy gossip, but sometimes these rumors and innuendos are hurtful and come from a mean spirited place, and at the end of the day, they are human. I have never seen him be homophobic like some on the Gram who love to show off.

    1. Well said Tajan. I actually like and lust Steven lol. Steven is still a human being so I’m pretty sure the rumors and negative comments are hurtful to him. By the way I was NOT directing this to Jamari or anyone up here.

    2. This was definitely well said. I too agree after viewing Steven Beck’s instagram profile he really does not look like a bragger or show off. He seems pretty normal actually.

  7. Well even though I’m not a fan of Sister Wendy Williams…I have to agree with something she said recently. These days the fame and the attention is certainly worth more that the money and talent.

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