Tyga Releases A Video To Confirm Something We Already Knew

Screen-Shot-2015-05-26-at-9.55.00-PM….and to let us know he was campaigning hard body for that coochie.
so everyone raise their hands on if you thought tyga was allegedly fuckin’ kylie jenner.
please don’t drop your phones and laptops.
well this new video he released titled “stimulated”,
starring a brand new 18 year old,
was his “debut” of their supposed relationship.
take a look…

tumblr_mzvoe5DyUL1qb2xnoo1_400…well i guess.
now that she is legal,
and her face without all that makeup is absolutely tragic,
i want to say the “appeal” with her is over.
the mystery was the fun part.
now this just looks desperate and sad.
i can see tyga marrying that young vixen.
he seems all the way gone off her.

lowkey: no seriously,
have you seen her without make up on?
as my home-vixen from “mean girls” asked:


5 thoughts on “Tyga Releases A Video To Confirm Something We Already Knew

    1. ^If that was my child…his ass would’ve been in jail just from being around her at his age.

  1. Nothing about this was “fun”. Everything about this just made me go “meh”. The only part was entertaining about this was the “alleged” sexting a transgender. With the “career” he has left i don’t know how he paid for this video. Caitlin probably did after she heard the rumors but that’s none of my business… #SlidingInThemDMs #NewSidePiece lol!!!!

    1. @tbw…it made me wanna call the police and district attorney! Hell, if the mama didn’t give a damn, I guess they felt why should we?! It’s sad all around.

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