Work Wolf Meets Another One (on & on)

tumblr_muxwb1rkFz1slwb3ho1_400“i met someone.”

i tried to put a smile on my face.
work wolf called my extension with that news.
i couldn’t wait to hear this…

so work wolf met another new vixen.
he was actually met her over the weekend.
they met a family friend’s get together.
so they met saturday and made plans to go out sunday.
he told me how tired he was because they were out till 2am last night.

“did you fuck her?”


“oh wow.
what is she like?”

did i really want to know?
i mean,
i am his friend right?
well she is a little older than him,
got her own whip,
her own crib,
and is in school.
this one sounds serious.

“i really wanted to smash last night,
but she wasn’t trying to.
we actually had a good time last night tho…”

i asked him if he thinks she is serious.
he told me he just started talking to her so he doesn’t know.
so far she seems legit.

as the day went on,
i didn’t hear from him at all.
i figured he was texting her all day.
i was right.
he waited for me to walk to the train station after work.

“i know when you meet someone because i barely hear from you.”

i said it in a joking way.
he responded by playing dumb,
but by putting a smile on his face.

tumblr_n3kek41N0y1qjqxmoo1_400as we walked,
he would bump shoulders with me.
at the cross walk,
he was so close to me that our arms were touching.
he was in a playful mood for whatever reason.
i returned the favor.
i talked a lot of shit and subtly flirted with him.
he tends to like that.
i get a lot of eye contact when that happens.
i said something to him and he responded:

“well you half man and half woman so…”

i slapped him on his shoulder.
he laughed.

“i’m going to try to fuck her this week.”


“i’m not looking for anything long term.”

“so when are you gonna see her again.”


angelina_jolie_smilewe’ll see how this one goes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “Work Wolf Meets Another One (on & on)”

  1. She might be a good influence on him, we’ll see if she not just another notch.

    P.S. Good luck with playing the supportive friend thought this 👌🏽

  2. Just keep playing it cool J, you know his track record with women anyway. She probably won’t be around next week lol, but until then just continue to be supportive. Don’t worry you’ll bump into your wolf soon. 🙂

  3. Jamari get your butt in the gym, working out helps relieve stress plus hopefully you meet a wolf at the gym, because work wolf is pissing me off with his shenanigans.

    1. THANK YOU ERIC , said this numerous time his friendship with that man will only last, if he meets a dude and forget about him cause let’s be real here Work wolf only loves j’s attention Nothing more Nothing less.

  4. Jamari honestly you need to move on or at least pretend to find another wolf. From what I gather work wolf loves your attention. I think you should “meet” someone too. Find some cutie with a nice body on IG to make him jealous or step up to the plate. Either way this obssessing over a bi-curious man is going to drive you insane. Trust me we’ve all been there

  5. And another thing this guy has a tendency to fuck and keep it moving. Do you think if you give up the goods things will be the same?

  6. Ok J i think you might need to ease up on asking him if he had sex with everyone he meets, he’ll tell you eventually If that’s the case.

  7. if he does become serious (i doubt it) you better be careful because vixens always know when you got a thing for their men

  8. next time ya’ll talk…ask him what he’s looking for. something is missing the way he goes through women.
    he’s looking for something…and I don’t think it’s love. something is missing in his life and he feels that he has to have as much ass as possible to compensate for it. it could be insecurities (which I don’t think he’ll admit to), inability to really connect with a woman, fear of a real intimate relationship with anyone.
    See if you can get him to tell you.

      1. I’m surprised no one’s figured it out yet He’s the type that will smash and dash weak willed, codependent women that won’t call him on his shit and he gets bored and moves on.

        That’s what draws him to Jamari, notice Jamari’s homegirl met him and saw right through the bullshit. He’s messing with the same type of “low hanging fruit” that won’t peep his game.

        He needs a woman with a backbone and options aside from him to make him rise to the occasion. Then he’ll do a complete 180 and all the women he’s fucked and thrown away will be salty as fuck he’s settled down.

    1. ^^^^ Agreed! His subconscious is trying to guide him to what he really wants/likes. It seems no matter how bad these chicks are, none of them can hold his attention. This is more than him just being a wolf. He’s in a toxic cycle.
      You should look into that J, because his behaviour is getting weird lol. It’s pretty nasty to have sex with everyone you work with and get bored of them after sexing them as habitually as he does. He treats them like used kleenex. Once he’s got his nose in it, used it, got everything out, he tosses it out. LOL.
      This information would probably be the piece of this puzzle me thinks, its the crux of his behaviour with these women, and with you.

      1. ^i agree d.
        something is up.
        every time he meets a vixen,
        it looks serious and then it falls flat.
        he drops then like bad habits,
        yet me and him be arguing in the streets.
        he does more for me than those vixens.

      2. @Dignified tell me about it. I avoid man-whores with those tendencies like the great plague. They only speak to you briefly so they can add you to their “smashed list” and I refuse to give them the time of day lol

      3. @ Foreign Wanderlust yes, that behaviour definitely brings their intentions into question. My integrity is too important. Work Wolf is interesting because he puts no interest in these females he “supposed” to be “into”, and puts all of his energy into his “friendship” with Jamari. He doesn’t even spend time with his “straight homies” or maybe he does, but it doesn’t sound like it, yet he’s buying Jamari clothes (get it boy! LOL) #hm.
        If my eyebrow wasn’t raised before (which it was) it is now. I would want to know whats up, and make sure im not treated like one of these vixens or there will be hell to pay. LOL

  9. Aren’t straighties trying to put their peens in women? They always think its serious and then after they but…they start giving her the side eye…

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