instead of getting drilled by what he paid for, he threw one?

do better.
that’s all i thought to myself with the following story.
so ^that alleged masked potential jackal goes by “craveyellow“.
he’s in the middle of a scandal at the moment.
one that ran him off twitter.
according to one of my foxhole informants


“craveyellow hada hobby of flying onlyfans models out
and spending $$$ to get fucked,
but was disappointed by phatrabbitkiller so much
that he tried to go upside his head for his $300 back.
he got mad because phatrabbitkiller didn’t want to film him.
his pride was hurt.
he paid #300 to be fucked.
they clowned him big time,
but they wouldn’t have known had he not post about it.”

crazeyellow has since erased his twitter page,
but the foxholer sent me various tweets about it:

phatrabbitkiller made an alleged tweet,
hinting to the incident:

let’s not laugh too hard tho.
some pay over $100 for a jack off video they might not get.

i’m not so much mad at paying $300 to get smashed.
folks will pay good money to smash an attentionisto.
( x see that classic foxhole interview here )
i’m more mad at the temper tantrum.
throwing power drills?
if the alleged is true…

It’s really not that deep sir

he should have kept this one to himself.

lowkey: as of right now,
i don’t know if i’d ever pay someone to smash me.
stepping into my blessing might bring the pipe to me easier.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “instead of getting drilled by what he paid for, he threw one?”

  1. $300 is crackhead prices. If I’m gonna hook, I’m not leaving the house for less than $3K!

  2. If that’s him in the picture, he needs to get his life. Being his complexion will make gays overlook that he doesn’t have a six pack. It’s funny how people are clowned about looks as if they have control over what they look like.

    If it was all about looks, I wouldn’t have these OnlyFans celebescorts offering it to me for free. Looks gets you in the bed. Personality makes them spend the night.

    I’m not even judging that he paid. It’s how he went about it. Say you invested in them and are a business partner. How do you clown your own self?

  3. He fucks everyone raw and often nut in them….just nasty. I’m sure he has STDs (incurable as well) plus his dick is never fully erect and I’m sure he uses viagra to keep him going….on top of being naturally long winded. He used to be on Craiglist personals, he wanted to fuck me raw for free. Ugh smh

  4. Slightly off topic, but these BBC power top type pornstars bore me. I know there’s a niche for every market, you like what you like so I don’t judge those who are infatuated by them or follow them. But for me, once I’ve seen one of them I’ve seen it all. Generally if you’re not versatile and open to doing other activities then I get bored of your content. I used to love Rhyheim Shabbaz but his style got boring quick. Idk why. Reminds me of Austin Wolf, another attractive guy but I got bored of him also.

    It sort of becomes like a one trick pony.

  5. Anyway u look at this story, it’s pathetic on both sides. Paying to get fucked and fucking to get paid off camera. There’s a bevy of free dick and porn. Wanting a refund for bad sex? That’s truly one for the books.

  6. 300 for sex? I’ve had a dude offer to pay me 350 just to massage me and to eat my ass. Not to mention another one who paid me 200 just for having dinner with him. No sex or kissing involved. But then again, it all depends on who is paying you and if they think you’re worth the money.

    I will say though, those types are rare. Most men want to entire package if they’re paying that much. That’s why it all boils down to how they feel about you.

  7. What determines “good dick” is subjective though 🤷🏾‍♂️.

    I’ve only seen a handful of dudes with an enviable stroke game like ever!

    Who pays for some dirty dick everyone has had for free? That’s my issue. Pay for some exclusive shit, it’s crazy to pay someone for sex and soon as you finished they ready to give someone else the same sex for free. Lol

    Phatrabbits videos give “fucking on a air mattress on the floor in a musty room with a hint of axe spray” vibes lol

    1. That what kills me as well, I remember messing with an escort for free and once we were done his John rang the door bell. I consider myself lucky bitch to even have the privilege to get ass like that

  8. Can someone please explain to me where all this free dick is at? There is a difference between quantity and quality. I don’t want to be to raunchy, sound bougie or judgmental but most of the dick 8” and up usually don’t come attached to quality people. A lot of people have STD’s/STI’s, are DL with baby mama drama, have a criminal record preventing gainful employment i.e. don’t have a job can’t get a job, are on pills, potions, and powders, or are mental unhinged.
    Then you have the issue of $300; I’m planning a trip to Vegas and to get a manicure and pedicure at one of their highly rated spa’s is like $150 you add to that a massage or other spa treatments you’re talking about well over $300, so to spend $300 to get dicked down for 75 minutes by someone in phatrabbitkiller who has a professional stroke game doesn’t seem all that expensive to me; I just don’t think I could do it because I don’t trust people to be honest.

    1. Tbh I wouldn’t put it past those such as phatrabbitkiller not to be on drugs/pills, have STI’s or other baggage. After all, he is an escort who has raw sex with his clients. Many just know how to disguise it well on social media. None of these gays can be trusted in general. Professional stroke game is a dime a dozen, he just knows how to film his ones.

  9. Who pays that much for dick tho (if at all). It is not that serious. I will never pay for sex…and I hope that $100 for a jack off video is a joke.

    Phatrabbitkiller wears a mask I know and I remember someone made a joke about him looking strange but that could have been anyone.. I do be wanting to see what these folks look like under the masks.

    Idk what’s up with these people. Craveyellow…why are you paying for penis? So much dick in the world & you pay for it.

  10. Hell I don’t have to pay for sex, trust me on that J. I messed with a few adult performers from well known porn sites that give it up for free and just because I show the big black D and B and that fee is out the window because they worship the bbc.

  11. I’m really disturbed by this. Paying for the dick…fine. The dick seemed to have been good. He went ham because he wanted to use phatrabbitkiller as a comeup and go around and say I got fucked by him (probably lie and say I got him for free). So, phatrabbitkiller said to himself this is just for the money and I don’t want anyone to know I fucked you. So, this dude went ham?! This is some scary shit. Funny thing is…judging from the pic even if he were in a vid with him I would not wanna fuck him. I doubt Id watched it so….he would have “lost” anyway.

  12. You know what it is, esp. in this country? When people spend money, no matter the amount, they feel as if they own you. They feel as if because someone is spending out, they feel as if they have the power to control you. The guy obviously felt as if he was in control because he was paying money. The guy may have had rejection issues? I’m a different breed cause if you have too many ppl on ya dick, I get turned off instantly, be it friends or otherwise. I prefer lowkey guys lol.

    1. Love this statement….u see it everyday from relationships to entitled sports fans at games. Smh

  13. a power drill?! were they fucking at home depot or an abandoned construction site? 😂😂

    all jokes aside, why pay? i get the whole fantasy and what not but it’s way too much free dick/ass out here to be cashing out.

    1. ^i’m still cute and wolves want to fuck me lol
      i don’t have to start paying for pipe as of right now.
      if i have to pay for pipe,
      that wolf might not be the one for me

      1. ill buy you a toy before i let you pay for some dick jamari. we know you got some wolves waiting for that ‘slide thru’ text, quit playing 👀👀 LOL

      2. A sad ass mess. I ain’t ever paying for shit. I’m too cute and this ass is too phat. I turn straight niggas out on the daily. Tuh I wish I would even consider some bullshit like this. Then he got the nerve to throw a hissy fit 😂😂😂 I can’t!

    2. Not everyone can get laid that easily lol. I know with promiscuity in the gay community, it’s hard to believe but some people struggle. Or better yet, I think those who pay want fantasy dick and know that they will never get fantasy dick without unloading their pockets.

      I hope I never get to that stage in life where I feel the need to pay for sex. I’ve had some fantasy peen in my young years of living and I hope it stays that way for the next decades

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