serving the meat of bodybyparker from a low heat

i like wolves,
or maybe even just everyone,
who cook on a low heat.
you know the types.
they are so lowkey,
but they got some heat behind them.
well that seems to be a sorta new-ish attentionisto on the scene,
from his ig,
he has a full situation going on:

i never heard of him up until this moment with wolf cozy:

and these other gems:



but it was this


*parental advisory.
explicit content behind the link




what was behind that link really made me hoot and holler.
i’m sure the ones he bangs are doing the same.
i see he has an “onlyfans“.
( x see his onlyfans here )
so uh…

Is @bodybyparker’s “onlyfans” any good?

…and what’s the word on him?
he was cooking on a super low heat and was served hot af.
if he has any good sex clips,
lemme know so i can pencil him in on my calendar an hour or two.

lowkey: my ratchet side wants to font to you something.
it said it bets that big ass pipe looks good sliding in and out of something.

23 thoughts on “serving the meat of bodybyparker from a low heat

  1. I’m glad to see you post about @bodybyparker, for a minute I was starting to think you lost your talent to spot them. I think parker definitely overshadowed wolf cozy in this situation.

  2. Hmm…looks like I better stop sleeping on the short guys, especially if they packing that kind on meat. Lol

  3. For some reason he reminds me of DeAngelo Jackson (who has the best body I’ve seen in a minute.) But this guy puts me in the mindset of thinking about DeAngelo. He has a nice body too

    1. DeAngelo body is the truth but his personality and performances are so boring. He is just a fine ass corpse in his scenes.

  4. I sub to his onlyfans and he’s got long clips of fucking women, some behind the scenes photos, short solo clips, very rare nut clips, and some booty action of him giving women head or fucking.

  5. Some of his OnlyFans clips are posted on those twitter porn accounts but you’ll have to dig to find them. He’s packing serious meat for a short guy. It seems twitter is the new tumblr for amateur porn vids and photos. And thank the gawds for it! 🙂

      1. I’m interested in seeing what that only fans is like as well…. Many of them are disappointing 😞

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