anthony cousin is a look in all angles

i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve ^this shot.
do you see those arms?

so ever since ^that gentleman debuted on marvin bienaime’s ig,
he was a major conversation starter.
folks wanted to know who and how they could see more of him.
i know i did.
well now that marvin is more active on his new twitter,
he is letting all the good bts videos out the bag.

everyone meet anthony cousin

nice to meet you anthony.
anthony is a selfdescribed:

Certified personal trainer
CEO and Owner of “Athletics with Ant”

…and he his forest is in new orleans, la.
he definitely has the model thing down:

i like how versatile he can go in his “looks”.
he doesn’t look bad in however you dress him up.
i love that in a wolf.
he looks like he can beat it up pretty good too:


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…in the boxing ring,

he seems like a solid trainer from what i can see:

here’s hoping to seeing more of anthony.
all that thick juiciness needs to be front and center.

lowkey: i may need to get training quotes from anthony.
the foxhole in new orleans might want to acquire his services.

pictures cc: marvin bienaime | anthony cousin
video cc: athletics with ant

13 thoughts on “anthony cousin is a look in all angles

  1. Oh, shout out to my hometown of New Orleans, LA! The home of the sexiest Black and Creole men on the planet and Jamari you are just seeing one example of a big fine Creole boy in New Orleans they bred em like cattle lol! 😋 😋😋🍆 laissez-le bon temp rouler!

  2. Anthony is actually one of Marvin’s longest running models he was doing work with Marvin for a minute, glad to see he ‘s finally getting more recognition

  3. I can always count on you cause I just saw this and I was like let me go check J’s blog and sure enough!! This one is a nice thick stud. Look at that ass when he walks. Walking like a damn stallion. That Marvin guy be having some nice eyecandy sometimes for sure.

    I approve of this fella.

    1. ^that walk tho…

      from when i was little,
      i always loved the side view curve of a male’s ass.
      when he was walking and it hit that curve,
      i swear i lost it jammy.

      1. Right, that exactly what I was looking at too!

        Imagine gripping them buns while he in it missionary!! I tell you the truth..

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