so i saw “hustlers” last night and well…

i usually don’t ride the hype train,
but everyone was talking about “hustlers“.
the few things i’ve been hearing about this movie:

Jennifer Lopez gave an Oscar-worthy performance.
Jennifer Lopez is getting Oscar buzz.

oscar buzz.
i had to go see this to believe it.
i’m use to j.lo on her “julia roberts“.
only doing cute and typical romantic comedies,
but getting overlooked for her more serious performances.
i saw “hustlers” last night and in my review-ish opinion…

…that movie was actually really good.
i can see what the hype is about.
j.lo like “acted acted“.
don’t get me started about her on that pole in the opening:

…and then that bad ass chinchilla on the roof.
i was sold after that part.
everyone else came through too.
i don’t think anyone did bad in that entire movie.

as far as the plot:

*the movie was about a group of strippers,
tired of their life circumstances,
who decided to scam business men by drugging and swiping their credit cards.
the movie is centered around one character,
who goes by destiny (constance wu).
in the beginning,
she is basically working a “9-5/desk job” in the stripper world.
once ramona (j.lo) comes into the picture,
along with mercedes (keke palmer) and annabelle (lili reinhart),
they all get up in world of robbery and fraud.

…and it was inspired by a true story.
i can see how they pulled off this scam on these silly males.

Alcohol and a hard pole is usually not a good mix

they even dropped a few gems here and there.
first of all,
i love seeing bad bitches in action.
j.lo was the epitome of a supreme bad bitch.
i learned a couple things in that movie too:

Confidence can get you anything and anywhere
“Drain the clock; not the cock”

you’ll have to see it to understand what i font of.
i think you’ll enjoy “hustlers“.
everyone who participated did really well,
including lizzo and cardi.
i’d like to see cardi do more in acting.
if you see it,
lemme know your thoughts after.
for those who already saw it:

Was “Hustlers” worth the hype for you?

lowkey: cardi reminds me of this one in the face tho…

don’t queen naija and cardi resemble?
i’m sure you’re like “who?”

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “so i saw “hustlers” last night and well…”

  1. I heard the same about J. Lo. She may have a very nasty ass attitude in real life but she can act when she wants to on film for sure.

  2. I so enjoyed this movie! It gets a 10 out of 10 for me. J.lo looked so good in every single shot. While I don’t think it was necessarily an Oscar winning performance she gave, I do believe she deserves a golden globe. Constance Wu was pretty good as well. Keke Palmer also did a great job, she was so charismatic. The whole cast did a really good job. Another thing I noticed about this movie is that it’s gonna play really well on t.v. Hustlers has a good replay value. I’m even considering to see it again.

  3. The only reason why I don’t want to see it is because it’s the way these powdered-faced elites are using these celebrities and their form of entertainment to dumb us down even more then what they have down. Resist Temptation.

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