that random “bodybyparker” page is trying to f*ck you (and not in the way you’d like)

bodybyparker aka bustabus2620.
i am a fan of his bawdy and sex work.
i’m being honest.
like many other straight males in my life,
i can understand boundaries and social ques.
bodybyparker is having issues with folks stealing his images,
pretending to be him,
and scamming gays out of their money.
so when “he” hit me up on twitter with this offer:

…i knew something was off.
first off,
i question free lunch that is being served to me.
i can literally hit up bodybyparker on his ig and ask him anything.

Why TF would he send me this message on Twitter?

so i did what i usually do.
i hit him up and asked him what was this.
we ended up getting into a long conversation about all the catfishing he faces.
he made this video exclusively for the foxhole…
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serving the meat of bodybyparker from a low heat

i like wolves,
or maybe even just everyone,
who cook on a low heat.
you know the types.
they are so lowkey,
but they got some heat behind them.
well that seems to be a sorta new-ish attentionisto on the scene,
from his ig,
he has a full situation going on:

i never heard of him up until this moment with wolf cozy:

and these other gems:



but it was this

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