that random “bodybyparker” page is trying to f*ck you (and not in the way you’d like)

bodybyparker aka bustabus2620.
i am a fan of his bawdy and sex work.
i’m being honest.
like many other straight males in my life,
i can understand boundaries and social ques.
bodybyparker is having issues with folks stealing his images,
pretending to be him,
and scamming gays out of their money.
so when “he” hit me up on twitter with this offer:

…i knew something was off.
first off,
i question free lunch that is being served to me.
i can literally hit up bodybyparker on his ig and ask him anything.

Why TF would he send me this message on Twitter?

so i did what i usually do.
i hit him up and asked him what was this.
we ended up getting into a long conversation about all the catfishing he faces.
he made this video exclusively for the foxhole…

thank you bodybyparker for so graciously recording that video for me.
we gotta font about some of ya’ll getting scammed and crying about it.
the scamming jackals know if you put:


…in front of some gay males with a price tag,
they will open up their wallets on sight.
i beg of you:


the promise of a live shows is a whole scam.
most of the time,
everyone will have their various social media links in their bios.
( x linktree helps alot )
if they say they have no twitter or fb,
please believe it.
if they’re escorting on “rentmen”,
read the reviews because customers will let you know what to expect.
in branding,
people will have all their names on each social media account.
if he is dl and he’s trying to fuck you,
he will hit you up from his account or a burner.
most dl males,
from regulars to celebs,
have a burner account in this decade.

now that part gets tricky tho,
but you can ask for a picture to verify.
when it comes to opening wallets and providing bank account info


it should not be this hard frfr.
it’s 2020.
stop getting scammed out here.

check out his instagram: here

21 thoughts on “that random “bodybyparker” page is trying to f*ck you (and not in the way you’d like)

  1. I was hit up by a fake account for mistamula (Khi Lavine) asking the same kinds of questions. I have never heard of these OF accounts going in DMs to advertise. That’s a 100% sign it’s a scam!!!

  2. Anybody asking you to subscribe to their cam site or personal site and you have to get a promo code when you do it, none times out of ten is a scam. Some people can give private access. That or will give you a link to their onlyfans-type account. Now Prince from Love & Hip-Hop: Miami is not the only one catfishing people with dick pics and thirst traps. Its quite a few, you have to actually research or wait for confirmation that its legit. I’m pretty sure Safaree account is rising in new subscribers. If they can catfish a whole twitter account, they can do anything else.

  3. BodybyParker who cares.
    He is one of many attractive men on IG, OnlyFans with a big ego and a bad attitude due to the “fans” who make them feel special.
    By next week it’s like Body who?

  4. This just goes to show you that the “straights” aren’t as oblivious as they like to play, when it comes to the attention they get from gay men. The fact that he was so confident in you saying yes, and comfortable bribing you to watch his content for free in exchange for exposure, speaks volumes to how they operate.

    Publicly – “I don’t want attention from men” “I don’t do that gay shit” “ladies only”

    Privately – “come join my snap and OF I’ll give you a special sneak peek”

    Side Note: Alot of These IG thots really think they’re celebrities Lmfaoooo, the boosted egos and redundant effort put into letting it be known you have fake profiles are laughable.

    1. Is it really that shocking they think they are celebrities. I’m sure every person who wants to sleep with them gasses them up. I doubt most people could stay grounded with that much fake love.

    2. You do know that was a scammer who initially made the offer, right?

      Read the entire post again. Lol

      1. You’re right, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I skim read, so I assumed it was him that sent those messages. That’s my bad lol. However I do still think most of these guys have inflated egos.

  5. Honestly Jamari WHO GIVES AF!! This was definitely a waste of a blog post. You just wanted to lowkey brag & show us that you could talk to him and he’ll answer you back. Such a desperate ass gay. I hate fags like you uggh….

    1. Damn Timmy Turner…did u lose ur fairly god parents? Cant make anymore wishes? Why u so upset? 😌

    2. Tim sit your ass down and stop acting like a baby bitch. Calling him a fag yet your panties are in a bunch.

    3. You hate fags like Jamari but your up here reading his blog…Yeah okay!
      So disrespectful and a ugly comment!
      It really speaks volume of the type of person you are!

  6. the same scam is on Instagram, ppl dm offering live nude show by clicking the link, “bogus”!! Worst ppl on hookup site asking you for your tinder only to delete your profile and acc all in one.

  7. This should be a lesson to all those IG “OnlyFans” “straight dudes” the gays can make you or break you.
    He came to you Jamari that says alot.
    What I mean gay men pay for the content more than the women do.
    Making some of these dudes collect big checks every month.

    Alot of these dudes get cocky and act rude asf when you hit them up on their social media pages.
    Even if it’s just to give them a compliment regardless if their gay or straight…Just say thank you!
    Without all the extra bullshit.

    BodybyParker is a cool person, I remember when he was just starting out on IG, I hit him up. Asking some fitness questions and he replied…he was cool asf!
    His body really got ridiculous from when he 1st came on the scene to now.
    You go BodybyParker! 💯💯

    1. I 100% disagree with this. If anything a lot of the attitude comes from the fact that many gay men will put up with it from a hot guy. So while you might cancel them there are more than enough gay men who will take all kinds of abuse as long as he’s fine and masculine. I’ve met gays who brag about being mistreated because the dude was so fine. Literally had a guy tell me, with a smile on his face, that his ex would tell him he’ll “never be with a guy as fine as home again.” It’s why when gay men complain about not being able to find a good partner I get skeptical. Gay men will chase and support an asshole with a six pack and not see a problem.

      1. I agree. They can afford to be assholes because they‘ll still get plenty of attention from gay men anyway.

  8. Yeah you gotta be a ditzy to fall for a scam. It’s 2020 and I don’t know how ppl can spot a real from fake…BodybyParker is definitely a cool guy. I’ve follow his onlyfans once upon a time and like what I saw but I can never stay on an individual onlyfans for no more than 2 months for me. It’s like I’m either satisfied with what I saw or your onlyfans suck cuz of lack of content and stealing more of my money for the PPV in the DM section.

    1. “ I can never stay on an individual onlyfans for no more than 2 months for me. It’s like I’m either satisfied with what I saw or your onlyfans suck cuz of lack of content and stealing more of my money for the PPV in the DM section.”


  9. He has that lil spark and unapologetic ,welcoming swag I like.

    He is comfortable in his skin and that is sooooo hot to me, ( ha ha ha )

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