your impact isn’t felt until you’re dead, ignoring them, or have moved on

i didn’t know who jas waters aka jasfly was.
she wasn’t in my orbit for whatever reason,
but i’m learning about her now.
she was a writer and one of the pioneers of black twitter.
i wish i did know her because she seemed like an amazing spirit.
news spread like wild fire that she passed away.
when i read some of her social media posts,
it seems like she was struggling internally.
the things she wrote and liked on ( x her twitter ) were giveaways.
jas tweeted and deleted this:
it read like her manifesto that i don’t understand how people missed it.
i tweeted something the other day that people don’t cherish you until you’re gone.
they cry about how much of an impact you left on their lives,
but while we are here,
it feels like were are invisible.
most people operate like “the triflin’ ex“…

Folks don’t realize the impact you left on their lives until you’re gone.

we all have our own lives.
many are dealing with our own issues and drama.
often times,
we are so caught up that we don’t truly see other people.
there are those who spitefully cut you out,
but after their “honeymoon phase without you” ends,
that’s when they want to come crawling back.
that or they suffer in silence of how they fucked up they were.
it’s really fucked up,
but it’s usually a life lesson.

it’s just the nature of the beast tbh.
this is how many of us are.
we are very selfish creatures until it concerns us.
some of us are only use to being treated badly.
we dismiss those who want to love us.

It’s funny how we’ll break the good ones,
but our legit “triflin ass exes” get the red carpet treatment

there are people in our lives that we are taking for granted right now,
or just not seeing with 2020 vision,
and it isn’t until they aren’t taking our calls or ignoring us that we miss them.
the worst outcome is when we realize people take their own lives or die suddenly.
those losses are usually the hardest lessons one faces.
don’t start recognizing those when it’s too late.
death is the ultimate goodbye and the reality of how short life is.
rip to jasfly.
may she rest in power.

6 thoughts on “your impact isn’t felt until you’re dead, ignoring them, or have moved on

  1. Jas was my cousin and we are currently fighting for an investigation into her death. There was never a proper investigation that took place and it was wrong and premature to push the suicide narrative there were a lot of sinister and nefarious things things happening and the scene was not secured and not handled properly. Please tweet research the whole situation and tweet #justiceforjas

  2. OMG! I don’t know this woman, but I’m so sorry she felt that taking her life was the only answer…may she rest in peace.

  3. It was just released that she died by hanging. It’s been ruled a suicide. R.I.P. Queen.

    1. ^oh noooooo.

      the way everything was being worded,
      it seemed like it was suicide.
      that is extremely sad.
      her impact was felt even by those who didn’t know her.

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