don lemon, joy reid, and roland martin are poisoning the black community

we might need better black leaders.

Do we even have any black leaders?

i know to some,
beyonce is our leader,
but we need another “martins” and “malcolms” to lead the charge.
raynard jackson,
who is a black republican,
sat at a round table with trump with other “black leaders” today.
he had this to say about don lemon,
joy reid,
and roland martin

“…putting more poison into the black community than any drug dealer” and “killing more black folks than any white person with a sheet over their face.”

raynard has got to be fuckin’ insane.
this is one time i wish i had cable.
i know donny is gonna go in on his ass tonight.
so is poison “the truth” or…?
i feel kike everyone who is around trump suffers from extreme delusions of grander.
trump being the biggest one.
he sent a ( x cease and desist ) to cnn about him slipping behind biden in the polls.
and this is my opinion but…

I don’t even think Biden is any better than Tang

everything is a mess.
we might need to switch over to another alternate reality like in comics.
this current one ain’t it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “don lemon, joy reid, and roland martin are poisoning the black community”

  1. Ugh people said Hilary was no better than Trump. I really don’t understand how anyone can look at how the Trump administration has handled coronavirus for example and not think that Biden wouldn’t have done a better job. I contemplated not voting for a few days when it was clear that Biden would win. But the idea that Biden wouldn’t be better than Trump truly baffles me.

    1. ^ the way how trump handled the rona was vile.
      he took it as a joke and we are paying for it.
      everyone is upset they can’t go outside,
      but refuse to blame the person who didn’t act quicker to resolve it.
      this is why he had to shell out those stimulus checks because he knew he fucked up royally.

    2. Trump does makes a lot of moves. He may talk crazy but he does get things done. Low key I would’ve have voted and waited in long lines for Bernie but since he’s out I’m out. Trump can do another term even though I need Biden cause he is going to do something about these student loans

      1. Biden isn’t great, but trump is awful. People that support him baffled me. Like how is your life any better since he has been elected. If you vote Trump you are telling world you don’t care about.

        Children in cages (people seeking asylum were forcibly separated from their children and caged)

        Tax cuts for the rich and nothing for average to poor people (remember he passed the sweeping tax bill in days that will only add to our deficit)

        No police bill passing (you are crazy if you think trump will pass any bill restricting the police)

        Becoming a laughing stock to world leaders (their have been leaked audio of leaders bad mouthing Trump)

        His bungling of the pandemic (much of the world has peaked and are getting back to normal, and we are still in the thick of the pandemic)

        His enciting hate and violence.( Just look at any moment of one of his rallies)

        His incompetance (remember when he said people should consume disinfectant to fight the corona virus)

        His pandering to racists (remember when he said that their were some people at the white supremacist protests. Or when he called Mexicans rapists and murderers)

        Targeting certain religions (Muslim ban from countries from majority Muslim countries.)

        His shady business dealings

        And his multiple bankruptcies.

        Trump is a disgusting human being, and anyone that is willing to over look all the terrible things he continues to do is most likely a disgusting human being too.


        1. Amen to all of of this Brother, if you sit this one out and this ignorant fuck gets 4 more years we can kiss this country good bye for good. Astounding how so many people do not look at the big picture and think they any one candidate is going to give them everything they want, anything is better than this POS who currently occupies the Whitehouse, he and his family dont give a damn about none of us no matter the race, they are in to get what ever they can get and Fukk the rest of us. Not voting is a vote for the Orange Demon.

  2. He’s not the only one we have to worry about, but that Candace Owens chick is despicable and vile to the black community and white republicans are gassing her up to the point they want her to run for presidency. Can’t believe ppl like this actually exist and are not for the struggle and puts us under the bus until it happens to them and get a reality check.

  3. LMBAO! Sorry, NOT Sorry!
    This hatin’ ass swole-up, 3 seconds from a fuqqin heart attack Boo-jangle lookin, tight-suit wearin’, small-shoe walkin, dickless, spineless, betteh Home and House-slave talkin jive muthafuqqah is there for the coins like the signifyin’ monkey on the connah that he is!

    Neeggah, pleeease! And all o’ that while No-Neck-Nero STILL ain’t said The man’s Name or a fuqqin thang to the family like a human being with a conscience or a SOUL would have IF they gave a fuqq…AND HE DON’T.

    We ARE amused, entertained, and SO NOT shocked. Keep up the excellence, Jamari

  4. Everytime I see Ben Carson I think WTF happened to him.. He’s the shadow of the man I thought he was. I saw Carson and a couple other Black men singing praises to Frump and I think they have zero self respect because if U as a Black man lliving in this period feel Frump is doing a great job, as they told him, they need to have their head examined.
    Big up to Joy Reid, Don Lemon..etc etc Resist.

  5. I believe in the following: “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

    And I believe: “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

    We’re failing. Therefore, job 1. is to develop a good plan, an excellent plan, a brilliant plan to solve the problems and job 2. is to implement the plan developed.

    Therefore, if black people in the United States want to get up from the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, including extra-judicial killings like that of George Floyd, Ahmed Aubrey and so many others, then we must make and execute a plan to accomplish just that. Nothing else will do! Does that make sense to you?

  6. To say that Biden is no better than Trump is highly irresponsible and wrong. I rides with you Jamari. Have been for years but on this. No. Your voice is louder than you know and very important now more than ever.

  7. It baffles me how anyone can support Trump and think that Biden may not be any better. I am really at a loss for words because of the absurdity of it all. Trump is the lowest level of scum and has no intention on making things better, especially for the black community. Miss me with the madness that folks are ambivalent about team Biden… I would vote for a tree over Trump if given the opportunity.

  8. First off, anyone notice Black Trump supporters always have this wonky look in their eyes like they’ve been through eight hours of conversion therapy? Lmao

    Biden is really a terrible candidate and the primary reason why I’m no longer a Democrat. They had four years to cultivate a platform and find a decent candidate y’all! The only reason they literally forced Biden to run is he can win over these imaginary white moderates that voted for Trump.

    Meanwhile he wants to increase funding to the police, and scoffs at the debt we’re buried in to the point we can’t even buy property because we pay way more for college education than any other country. I’ve heard no plans to improve public education at all.

    I piss people off because now I say loud and proud I understand why people don’t bother voting and I’m not shaming them! I’m supposed to stand my ass in line longer than the one to get into the afterlife to vote for a candidate and party that literally treats me like an afterthought because their teams wants to win? My elders did not fight for our right to vote to STILL be doing harm reduction voting almost 60 years later, while STILL protesting in the streets for the same damn things.

    I’ve literally never seen this much importance placed on a running mate because even Biden supporters know he’s terrible and find it painful to vote for him….but beautiful gowns I guess…

    1. The democrats have a platform, look it up. It’s literally talking points to say that they don’t. That was a criticism of Hilary. She actually had a detailed plan for her first 100 days and a long term plan. Yet people would complain that she didn’t. The media covers whats entertaining or salcious and graphs and numbers are niether. Do some research. You may not like the plan, but it is ignorant to say democrats don’t have one.

      Biden was not my choice. He is problematic to say the least. However we had a primary and he won. He was the last person standing. Part of being an adult is dealing with not getting your way.

      Shame on you and anyone that says you should sit out an election. Your vote is your power as a citizen. Many many people have fought and died for all of us to have the ability to vote. If more people voted Biden probably wouldn’t be the nominee. If more people voted trump wouldn’t be president. Everyone needs to vote. Not just the general election but local elections too. If you want change, it starts at the local level. Choosing a city council, mayor, school boards, etc. Vote vote vote


  9. Just like these Trump supporters are brainwashed a lot of y’all are brainwashed by these white liberals with their hysteria when in all honesty they’re going to be okay no matter who wins. The reasons white liberals dislike Trump have NOTHING to do with the way he treats minorities.

    Keep in mind I dislike Trump too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let the Democratic Party play in my face and have my descendants in the same place while their white kids are continuing to live off the wealth they’ve cultivated because they get all the benefits.

  10. When you consider the fact that TWO of the people Raynard mentioned is on record for having said homophobic shtt about gay men and ONE of those people share his bed with a white man, the better question is, why the hell would any self respecting Black SGL person cape for any of those three vipers?

    Let that sink in….

  11. Did you say Biden is no better than 45? You’ve lived in the US in the last 3.5 years right. Don’t drink that kool aid they are serving. Have you not seen his response to Charlottesville, COVID, BLM, etc. This man wants to tear us apart. You can vote or not vote who you want to vote for but if this man gets another term, I don’t want to hear a WORD from anyone sat it out. I’LL BE THE FIRST TO SAY, TOLD YALL SO while we go to hell in a hand basket.

    1. This right here. People playing around with this shit and it’s going to be HE double hockeysticks for ‘Merica!

  12. Ray Ray is absolutely despicable and the worst kind because he was talking smack about how 45’s tweets are damaging to the Black community but now he’s at the BROWN TABLE licking his orange ass. I’m sitting here watching them drag his ass across the Internet. Straight up TRASH!!!

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