fredo_llh will finally add “clappin’ cheeks” to his onlyfans resume?

*the following is rated r
viewer discretion is strongly advised

fredo_llh is sexy af.
he is the one you are warned about,
but you end up fuckin’ anyway.
it could be because of loneliness or you wanted to test drive him for a weekend(s).
unapologetic hood pipe can be the weakness of all good foxes and vixens.
for someone with 5(?) kids,
i wanted to know if he throws the peen good.
i heard his onlyfans was pretty wack so i avoided it.
well he is branching out into a new venture and…



fredo was boring all of us with his constant jack off videos.
i was beginning to think he was just all looks.
good to see he is giving me what i want.
i can’t wait to see the full videos.
please keep me updated when he releases them.

lowkey: wolves like fredo aren’t meant to be dated.
they are meant to be fucked between “11pm and 3am”.
i think almost everyone has had a consistent fwb with someone who looks like fredo.

visit fredo onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “fredo_llh will finally add “clappin’ cheeks” to his onlyfans resume?”

      1. I misjudged the first couple of seconds, I thought he was about to let her have it. Then it just went downhill.

  1. On another note has anybody else notice how the male IG male THOTS change their names just like the chicks… Does anybody have a normal name anymore?

  2. I ain’t pay to see what I just saw and I feel like I want my damn money back lol

    Damn Fredo, I had hopes on the pipe and stroke being A1 and I’m so disappointed and upset lol

  3. I got so excited when i saw this post.
    He is fine and body for years not days lol.
    After viewing the clips, I’m so disappointed!
    His stroke game is corny and his dick is way too small for me. 😢
    It’s been a long time since I got these sugarwalls soaked…10 days.
    I was hoping the clips would help a little smh…Nope!

  4. This is pure trash. And i thought he was gay? We keep on supporting this straight shit over and over. We need to stop it. This makes me roll my eyes and that’s more exciting than those two clips. 🙄

  5. All these straight wolves need to learn from Mandingo Gucci. He’s getting them coins and have something to please almost any crowds. He get women wanting to fuck him and flying him out too. He can definitely fuck.

    1. ^from some of the stuff i saw,
      he has good pipe.
      it’s big and long af too.

      is there any other undiscovered sex work talent we haven’t highlighted yet?

      1. Once I find that out, I’ll let you know. Something tell me Kingnate has it in him if he post long videos. He look like he’ll fuck you with an A1 dick and make it prison fucking style.

          1. Yeah that was. Too much hand. These straight wolves should let the men give it to them. They won’t be sorry lol…

  6. This is one, that I dont get the hype about at all, but alas we all have our types, I have seen him on other blogs and platforms and he is pretty popular. From the leaked onlyfans I have been able to see on Twitter the majority of these so called Str8 dudes do not live up to the hype. Many are nice to look at but that is the end of it. Although I have not subscribed to their Onlyfans content 2 Gay dudes who seem to have good content from what I have seen on Twitter are MascVersuperman and StarstruckNYC both are bottoms with nice bodies and you can see previews on Twitter for free at those handles. There are other Gay dudes to support these just came to mind after seeing all this scamming from Str8 dudes we may need to step up and support our own who seemed to deliver better content.

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