um, who really wants males that have 9 to 5? ain’t that right, b simone?

there is an issue when folks get too much fame.
they can become annoying af.
i guess the pretty hood vixens needed a role model so they elevated b simone.
i use to think she was so cute,
but she has started turning me off with her antics.
she recently got dragged for this interview she had with nick cannon.
she said her future wolf can’t have a 9-5:

i rolled my eyes so hard.
this was her response to the dragging


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#BSimone addresses her comments about dating someone who works a 9-5 (swipe)

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why is your dumb ass up at 3am answering emails?

i’ve trained myself that after a certain hour,
i’m unavailable until the next blogging for business day.

one of my biggest crushes right now is a virtual nobody.
he has a 9-5 and works his tail off.
i find that to be really sexy.
he can literally have me any which way he wants me.
even though i love males who have “made it“,
baller wolves for their bawdies in most cases,
i wouldn’t turn down a wolf with a 9 to 5.
ceos and baller wolves were at the bottom at one point in their careers.
as i was building my empire,
i have worked jobs to keep a roof over my head.

There are regula degulas who don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit,
but manage to bag the “big deals” just off the strength

as i observe b simone,
she comes off like she is too much.
her claim to recent manifestation fame is she attracted dababy?
what an accomplishment.
i can see her attracting the baller wolf,
but end up losing him because her attitude is insufferable.
so she wants her man to be so busy that he doesn’t have time for her?
i need her to go back to not being as annoying as she is now.

you gotta be careful with what you’re manifesting if you aren’t clear too.
you can attract the male with no 9-5 and he be the biggest scammer on the planet.


on the other end,
you can attract the baller wolf and some shit go down and he loses everything.
next thing you know,
you are the one burdened with keeping a roof over both ya’ll heads.


Be clear with what you want

there is a good and bad side to everything you manifest.

low-key: i can’t do bums.
i don’t mind growing with my man.
we meet,
put our heads together,
and we become a power couple off hard work and dedication.
that makes me so horny.

10 thoughts on “um, who really wants males that have 9 to 5? ain’t that right, b simone?

  1. I see nothing wrong with her wanting what she wants and saying however she wants..its her life. She is in the entertainment business and lots of shows and deals are made after 9 pm until… She then has to start working while it is fresh. If her man is 9 am to 5 pm and her workday is 7bor 8 pm until 9 am…they will have challenges. Clearly she has experienced sime shit that didnt work for her…so be it

  2. She’s entitled to her preferences. I don’t know why people act like your preferences are a personal attack on them. What I have noticed though is how hypocritical women on social media are being. It seems as though men can’t have any preferences and the minute he states them he turns into a colorist or fatphobic. Another thing that surprised me about women coming for B. Simone is she saying exactly the same things they say on Twitter. I think people are still upset at her for saying that self righteous shit about the protesting/ looting and rioting.

  3. She’s so ignorant she doesn’t even know an entrepreneur and a CEO aren’t necessarily the same thing. Also most CEO’s are 9to5’ers.
    SN: I never found her funny, she’s just loud.

    1. most CEOs may be in the office somewhere between 9 to 5 but they are not working 9 to 5. Aftet 5 pm is when cocktails, dinners and the real power plays are made..Thats why announcements hit the morning news. CEOS spend time during the day not running the business or making decisions, the day time is used to see how the employees are catching and implementing the vision. Most CEOs barely sleep

  4. And her point about understanding lifestyle is true. If you’re a person who doesn’t work typical hours and your endeavors have you up late at times (burning the midnight oil), it can be problematic if you’re with someone who doesn’t understand it and wants you to put all of that to the side to fit into their frame. Being an entrepreneur, hustler, or whatever, sometimes mean you have to put in significant extra hours, especially if you don’t have a solid team. Being with someone who understands and supports that can make a world of difference

  5. Maybe the way that she said it wasn’t the best but honestly B ain’t saying nothing that hasn’t been said before in regards to A successful Woman finding a Man in her level. Our elders used to advise us on the same thing. I see no fault in desiring someone greater. I just feel we have this unconscious thinking that Black people are supposed to settle for mediocre, Broken men.

    1. I agree, the delivery wasn’t detailed, but the point she was trying to make i’snt rocket science. The backlash is coming from people who are misconstruing her statement as shallow and condescending. But you can’t knock someone because of their preference. The crazy thing is ALOT of women if not most have this mindset of bagging a man with status and a lucrative career, even women who work 9-5. So the dragging isn’t warranted in my opinion. The hypocrisy kills me. Just like how jamari said he can’t do bums, that’s his right not too, but there’s others out there that wouldn’t mind taking taking of a couch potato. It’s all subjective.

      Also there’s a double standard when it comes to the desires of women and men. It’s not scandalous for a man to want a woman who cooks, cleans, has a fat ass and long hair, and is ready for sex whenever requested. Which is immensely shallow, but when a woman wants a NBA player, lawyer or doctor, she’s a gold digger and opportunist.

    2. No she said what she meant. That’s the issue with the black community why does a 9-5 have to be a minimum wage job? There are hedge fund managers and tech entrepreneurs that work a 9-5 and make 10 times the amount in stock options than her basic ass makes in a year.

      1. That’s why I said she wasn’t detailed in her delivery, anyone who’s smart knows that a 9-5 can range from low to high income, and apply to various positions. But In the black community we all know that 9-5 means regular ass job, but she might not be aware that there are great jobs that fall under the 9-5 umbrella as well. She went wrong by not specifying. What I got from it is that she isn’t open to dating someone who’s not in a high demanding field, because it’s a high chance they’ll lack understanding in regards to why she’s so busy and doesn’t sleep. I didn’t see it as a “oh you’re beneath me” type of thing. But everyone’s receiving it differently.

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