i didn’t know ya’ll desperately wanted an “onlyfans” from raz b

why is it the ones that i want to throw their hats in the “onlyfans” ring aren’t?
we need more sexy wolves specializing in amateur entertainment.
so raz b has an “onlyfans” now,
but at what point did he become…

…a 1% creator with only 1 post?

he had a sex tape leaked some years ago and it was pretty awful.
i hope he isn’t out here scamming.
that video could be a bts from “you got served”.
stay vigilant.

lowkey: if j boog launched one,
we would have had a deal.

visit raz b “onlyfans”: here

15 thoughts on “i didn’t know ya’ll desperately wanted an “onlyfans” from raz b

  1. The sextape he had leaked years ago with that crackhead white girl was AWFUL!! He had a limp dick the whole time. I feel like he leaked it just to clear the rumors that he was gay. Even though the rest of his bandmates were accused of the same thing, I dont see them releasing videos. He made his own self suspect as hell!

  2. I swear OF hands out those top percent stickers to just about anyone. They’re not a good indicator of content at all

  3. If OF was out when they FIRST hit the scene I wouldve been all for this. Now, HARD PASS! Dont nobody wanna see nothing he is serving, showing, or posting. Now let Boog fine ass do one, I’m subscribed ASAP!!

  4. I was so into him when he came out in b2k. He was so hot (ps we are the same age), but he hasn’t taken great care of himse over the years. So….I will pass

  5. Ok Guys.. I took one for the team.. Its just a video tutorial of Raz showing us how to apply fresh eyeliner between songs !!!!!!!… Who knew we needed this??? ( ha ha Ha)

  6. Ok, I’m curious. What could be on here? A chicken recipe? 19.99…Somebody take one for the team and report back. Hopefully it’s the directions to put together my Ikea Kallax shelf system, I never got around to setting it up.

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