jussie smollett says the protests about george floyd relate to him as well

when life places a random door in your path,
if it’s one that could lead to your retribution,
you should open it.
 jussie smollett found his random door to use this door against the chicago polce.
i mean,
it is the smart thing to do when trying to plead his innocence.
jussie claims the protests about george floyd apply to him as well.
this is what i wanted to share from “tmz“…

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “jussie smollett says the protests about george floyd relate to him as well”

  1. So y’all telling me this man isn’t a narcissist?

    You literally used the police and politics for clout, then worked out a deal with the system you believe is so “corrupt” leveraging your money and status.

    I hope he never works again.

    1. ^i don’t think he should have even related this to the current protests.
      who is guiding him?
      they aren’t helping him in public perception.

      i know he is trying to show his innocence,
      but this ain’t it.

      1. Jussie cant help it. He’s a major narcissist, with a huge ego, access to money and resources, so he feels he can do whatever he wants and shows sign of bipolar disorder with these impulsive, manic behaviors. Remember that whole “I’m the gay Tupac” stunt? Remember when he was caught drunk driving without a license and he had his brother take the fall for him in order to save his image? Yeah, Juicy Smooyay needs to get help before he implodes any further.

  2. Just be quiet, J….I know you’re wanting to be a part of that lime light, missing all the action…I know…i know..Boy stay yo ass” in the house

  3. Jussie Smollett originally lied and said he was a victim of a hate crime by guys wearing MAGA gear and changed his story countless times and was exposed. And for him to compare this mess to George Floyd’s situation is a new low in my book. Fuck him damn narcissistic prick

  4. Since he’s screwed up any chance at ever reviving his acting career, y’all think he could make it bussing it open on OnlyFans or in gay porn…??? Any of y’all interested in seeing that…??? LMAO

  5. Every time i try to give him the benefit of the doubt, he does and says stupid shit like THIS. Jussie needs to go fall off of flat earth.

  6. This gurl is beyond thirsty for attention.
    I hope he reads this blog and realize…NO ONE GIVES A F*** ABOUT YOU!
    Just go away! ✌

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