the asian man called the police on you for eating in the park (what do you do?)

a majority of the foxhole is black.
racism is at an all time high these days.
i knew folks would use the rona as a way to be more wicked.
i watched a video and i wanted an opinion from the foxhole.
in the following video,
an asian couple called the police on a black couple for eating in the park…

x original video here

my original instinct was to curse him TF out.
these days,
we can’t be doing much of that because you might get arrested.
this one with a rabid karen:

 i had to ask the foxhole…

How do you handle a situations similar to these?

lowkey: i got so angry watching those videos smh.
watch out for the latin folks too.
some of them hide how they really feel about us:

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37 thoughts on “the asian man called the police on you for eating in the park (what do you do?)”

  1. Thank God for covert racism lol. Cause if I were to experience white folks being this bold, I don’t think I could remain calm…… But I guess that’s what they want. They antagonize people then when they get flamed for it they play the victim. Chile I feel my blood pressure going up 🥴

    1. Man, where do you live?! LOL

      Trump has got these people out here acting bold AF. Like I had to tell a guy in the South one summer, don’t let your mouth write a check yo ass can’t cash ’cause I’m not from around here, and where I’m from the way you talking could get you seriously hurt. That ass backed down quick! LOL

      But yeah man, these people have been emboldened like you wouldn’t believe by carrot top. Just let them know you not with the BS and you will also distribute an ass kicking if they invade your space.

      I love how that woman got the shit slapped out of her in that gas station market. That girl was NOT having it!

  2. I’m so glad the black couple didn’t move, I would’ve been so annoyed if they did. That go along, to get along shit is for the birds. At this point, if it’s not a video of “Karen’s” getting their ass beat. Iono wanna see it.

  3. I’m from Florida. The crazier someone else gets the more calm I become. There is always someone crazier than you. You don’t want to meet that person. I actually felt bad for the little racist lady. There is so much hurt and pent up pain in this world. People need to learn to direct that energy in appropriate ways and not let it fester and corrupt them from within. Now she’s wishing physical violence on a young woman because her using the stairs triggered some emotion in her that she hadn’t dealt with.

  4. So maybe I’m just interpreting the first video incorrectly but it sounded like the Asian couple was in the park sitting at the table first and the black couple decided to sit at the same table. He kept referring to social distancing. Now my ass wouldn’t have been it the park to begin with and I wouldn’t have called the police BUT I definitely would’ve cussed them out if I was in the park and they decided to sit they asses next to me. And it didn’t look like they had masks on!

    Sorry. This doesn’t give me Karen energy. I don’t advocate calling the police but we can’t do shit to provoke people then pull out our phones and holler Karen. Seemed like the black couple were in the wrong.

    1. You would be in a public place. Who are you to curse anyone out because they too sat down in a public place. If it means so much to you get up and leave. They weren’t even eating. If the table was so small you didn’t feel comfortable you could have spread your things out when you got there.

      Yes anytime you call the police because someone is doing something they have the right to do but you don’t like it that makes you a Karen. There were so many options available available to the Asian couple.

      Let’s be real. Everyone thinks we black people are terrified of the police. He called because he thought the black couple would try and run away before the police there.

    2. Nah it’s “Karen” energy, just more subtle. As soon as the cops came he fabricated the story of the black man threatening to beat him up, which even the Asian guy’s girlfriend reluctantly confirmed was a lie. Let that been another Asian, or white couple, I bet your top dollar he wouldn’t have called the cops. If he was so concerned with social distancing instead of being confrontational and territorial, he could’ve just moved. I admit them joining the table may be a little invasive, but you can’t demand someone to move in a public area. He has the problem, so it’s him that should’ve moved. You know you’re doing too much when even white women are annoyed.

      1. Sooooooooooo social distancing doesn’t apply to public spaces. So if I walk up to you in a grocery store and stand right behind you in line DURING THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENT I would be wrong to say anything to you because we’re in a public space? Being in public spaces doesn’t mean Corona magically goes away and all the rules disappear. This is exactly why there’s new spikes across the country because people can’t follow simple rules. They didn’t respect those Asian’s or Covid and hollered Karen which in my mind dilutes the whole “Karen movement”. They shouldn’t have sat next to them. Period.

        And yes. If you want to eat your food less than 6ft away from me, public space or not, you better be able to do it through a mask. shrug

        1. The Asian man was trying to weaponize the police on the black man. Any Cooper style. It not a reason to call the police on someone. Don’t be obtuse.

          1. Listen, I don’t agree with him calling the police but I really think there’s a larger conversation here. This whole Kevin/Karen thing has 100% been about ppl of privilege weaponizing the police against black people for simply being black. Yes, under normal circumstances this Asian guy would have absolutely been a Kevin. But we’re not living in normal circumstances and that black couple while living their lives were also putting that other couples safety in jeopardy. Yes, they could’ve easily got up an gone to another table but that’s also and issue in expecting someone to “carry on” when being violated. Isn’t that also what we’re accusing Karen’s of doing? No the police shouldn’t have been called but the black couple in my eyes put him in a position to make a decision and I’m pretty sure they knew his little ass wasn’t gonna square up. They started it. Which is not the same as being a victim of a Karen… To. Me. An equally fair question is why didn’t the black couple sit somewhere else. It almost gives me reverse Karen tea. Which is super problematic.

  5. No the black couple was not in the wrong smh…are you serious?
    It’s a park table. Everyone is free to do what they want. The asian man just got scared because he saw black people then figured “Oh here comes trouble ”
    Let’s keep it real.
    Him and Suzy wong could have move and that would have been the end off it.
    These asians be thinking they are white and want to push black people around.
    Enough already it’s 2020 not 1920.
    Thank god they got those black people because if it was a hood ni**a that mask would have been up his ass. 👊💯💯

    1. Not Suzy Wong lmfao🤣🤣. They gonna mess with the wrong person one of these days and catch a ass whoopin they’ll never forget 👊👊

  6. im really concerned that the cops are being called so easily.
    no one was up in that asian couple’s faces.
    if they had such a problem,
    why didn’t they just move?
    what if that cop came guns ablazing?

    it’s all so bizarre.

    1. Exactly. The Asian man was trying to weaponize the cops against the black man. POC solidarity my ass. They were taking a play out of the Karen handbook: Chapter 3, Page 42.

  7. I hate to sound like these Twitter Hoteps but I have been seeing so much from Black folks saying we need to stop using the term People of Color to lump everybody about issues related to us specifically as a people. I use that term a lot as well when addressing certain situations but as we can see as plain as day, Black people have been painted to be so bad other minorities feel they can give the same energy as white folks when it comes to dealing with us. I am getting off the all minority love train and we all in this together bullshit when it comes to other people of color. We march and protest and they enjoy the benefits without the sacrifice. Many times the other minorities are no better in how they treat us and what they think about us, all the time wanting to be us, I have heard so many Hispanic Latino’s and Asians in the gym use the N word when addressing each other, dressing and acting Black but have no Black people in their crews. Many whites have them believing they are better than us, so Black people are fighting this shit on all fronts. I am at the point as long as society is going to have fair and just rules for all I will be good, I do not have to deal with you on any front other than business. I do not want an inter-racial romantic relationship from any other race but Black and no real friendships with other races at this point. I am tired.

    1. Molly on Insecure said recently ” some groups are only minorities when it benefits them”. I could not agree more

  8. ((sigh)) this is so infuriating to look at day after day. This trauma stays on my sleeve. I really can’t grasp how the hispanics feel this strong bias toward black people, when they themselves are….. smh
    I don’t know what it will take for black folk to get our just due.

  9. “PeOpLE oF cOlOr (PoC) sOlIdArItY….”

    “BlAcK AnD bRoWn UnItY…”

    My entire black ass!!! The whole damn rump…

  10. I never really thought asians were allied with black folks, and I’ve never really cared for them. I have had so many instances with their racism towards me that’s its mind boggling. They wanna be white so bad, but fail to realize that whites could care less about them. What makes matters even worse is the on going colonization of Africa by China that I really hear us discuss. China is determined to become the worlds greatest super power and at the rate they’re going, I can see it in the foreseeable future. WAKE UP!!

    1. I’ve had a racist white guy tell me he considers them honorary white. I think a lot of them know that and seek it out.

      1. Pathetic!! Any person or group of people who seek the validation of white people are DISGUSTING in my eyes. I’m repulsed at the very thought.

  11. As an Asian guy/human being, I’m so tired of racism from any race. Why can’t we all act as one race, the human race as Jane Elliott puts it.

  12. Black People NEEDS to understand, that we all we got! Now, lets stop killing each other and get our shit together!

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