asap rocky alleged sex leakage bored ya’ll to tears

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i remember one of my past home-wolves use to say:

“When I get in that bed,
I put in work.
She won’t ever say I didn’t fuck her good.”

he always got glowing reviews and an abundance of “dick crazy” exes.
so porn has kinda desensitized us.
for me,
i love seeing someone get banged.
by banged,
i mean you can hear the cheek’s clapping from the next block.
i’m also a stickler for various positions.
( x this video was in serious rotation )
he fucked him good.
i always get off to this video.
well rapping wolf,
asap rocky,
had some alleged sex leakage today.

it has been the chat of the internet and not in the good way.
this is what i was sent for review…


kudos to him for wearing a condom.
i mean…

It looked like pretty average sex

he was trying to hold the camera and defeat that stupid fat ass of hers.
maybe if he put all his concentration on fuckin than filming,
it may have come out better?
i don’t know.

in reality,
some wolves give that stroke after they show out the first few times.
others are just consistently good in bed.
a large majority are terrible because they are selfish.
it’s get in and get tf out.
believe or not,
sex is not always this dramatic movie type of situation.
it can be a “i’m just trying to get a nut” type of time,
especially if there is no passion behind it.
most round 2s and 3s can go for more time.
some males are just not out here giving “porn star stroking“.
it is what it is.
rocky posted this on twitter:

whatever rocky.
don’t have the rest of the vixens start talking now.

low-key: maybe it would have hit better if the video was like…

x this
x this
x or this

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16 thoughts on “asap rocky alleged sex leakage bored ya’ll to tears”

  1. Im still really surprised he wore a condom kudos for that but yeah outside of that it was average like that one that allegedly the games sextape.

  2. I don’t really judge real life sex based off one encounter or visual encounter.

    Sometimes you just want a quick nut. Sometimes you’re tired as fuck but somebody still want the D. Sometimes you just fucked someone else before the next booty call. Lol. Etc.

    Now, if you consistently giving a tired performance, maybe you just don’t have f@&king skills. Lol.

  3. My thing is why are they giving Rocky shit? It takes two to tango. The chick was just lying there. Anyway I agree with what you fonted. It seemed like an ordinary moment. I believe the porn has warped alot of peoples view on sex and bodies in general. But I do believe that BOTH parties should be satisfied during and after the sex.

  4. Why is there surprise that he’s boring? Straight black men have become as modest and interesting as virgin Muslim school girls.

    A black man born 100 years ago could run through the street butt naked, fuck 3 three women and a dude in the open, and be at home for dinner. He was still respected by his family and considered a gentleman.

    Now, they’re fearful boring bitches.

  5. I read somewhere a while ago that this on again off again brother is into kinky sex , fellatio and sadistic sex mixed with drugs and liquor etc. Not surprised of his lack of agility and prowes after all he’s the one that gets fucked most of the time 😅😅😅😆

    Not really into him though. He needs to figure out what’s his race first as this negro is sadly a Coon 😠😠

    1. “Not surprised of his lack of agility and prowes after all he’s the one that gets fucked most of the time” Say that again! They be really putting this “straight” rappers on pedestals but little do they know….

  6. What a disappointment from a so call “sex addict” lol
    Anyway why are we surprised he paints his nails and wears his granny head scarf.
    Did we expect to see a thug tear it up like they just got out of prison 😂
    Plus he has a little cock sooooooo disappointed 😥

  7. He has drug dick. Word Uptown is he likes his booty ate. She’s a light skin Latina so I’m sure she lifted his Parks sausage legs up and did it.

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