i want dwyane wade to be my daddy

dwyane wade is about to win “baller wolf/father of the year” out here.
the way how he has been promoting his gay son is so admirable.
he sat down with fellow nba baller wolves,
matt barnes and stepeh jackson,
for their podcast,
all the smoke“.
matt asked him about raising a gay son,
especially coming from the masculine forest of basketball.
this is a clip of what he had to say…


ya know,
a lot of folks don’t realize many of their parents already know.
i’m sure my parents knew.
they can sense their child isn’t like the other “boys”.
they tend to bottle it up in denial,
or become abusive af,
but they know.
that’s why once they find out:

a) They accept and becoming extra loving
b) They don’t want to believe it and disown

as an adult tho…
you haven’t had a girlfriend in so many years or “never” had one,
you’re living alone with a cat or dog,
or that “roommate” is looking extra suspect as the months go on.

it comes to a point that everyone is pretty much on the same page,
but many parents just don’t want to have it confirmed out loud.

low-key: there are some really masculine sons that gave no clues to their parents.
they played ball,
dated vixens,
and showed no signs at all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “i want dwyane wade to be my daddy

  1. Commend him for his approach with it all. Kiddos to him & Gabrielle.

    Lmao @ “roommate”. That brought me back to a period in my life. And having fake cover stories for a dude who happens to always be around all of a sudden. Lol.

  2. His and his wife Gabrielle’s love for all their children, including his gay child, is so beautiful and moving. I just wish more parents, including more Black parents, felt the same way about their kids, and loved, supported and affirmed them.

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