i mean…
everyone in new yawk’s phones was going the fuck off about this amber alert in the bx.
ain’t nothing worst when you can’t shut that shit off.
i remember when one went off on that train.
my phone was the only phone going off.

so i saw this video of this 16 year old,
karol sanchez,
getting kidnapped while walking with her mother in the bronx.


i screamed “OMG!!!!” when i saw it.
peep the outcome foxhole…

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10 Years Found Later

Amanda-Berry-Gina-DeJesus-found-in-Cleveland-after-missing-10-yearsthis goes to show:
never lose hope.
amanda berry and gina dejesus have been missing for 10 years.
no one knew where they went.
you know they were in some crazy muthafucka’s basement?!?!!?…

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