if you are muting r. kelly, be prepared to mute some of your fav songs too

so i’m sick with the flu this weekend.
i know,
lucky me.
i decided to finish watching all 6 parts of the r. kelly documentary.


i cried while watching it too.
it was really hard to watch.
i was so grossed out at all the allegations i heard and saw.

sidebar: i place blame on most of the parents of these young vixens too.
sparkle gets a lot of blame herself.
they need to come get their “dumb ass” awards.

i was reminded r. kelly has a vast catalogue.
it didn’t help they played his music throughout the doc.
not only that,
he has written a ton of songs for various artists.
the songs we grew up on from some legendary artists too.
i hate that most of these songs are favs via “buzzfeed”

and that is just a few:


i meannnnnnnnn…

i’m tired.
i hate this hyena.
i really do.
he has ruined my damn childhood in one week.
“fortunate” is my fav songs and i didn’t even know he wrote that.
you know what bothers me the most too?

aaliyah’s legacy is still attached to this creep.
the only music on streaming/purchase is this:

…and like i wrote on the ig foxhole:

i never took to that album either.
i hated the entire vibe of it.
even a cub,
something was “off” about it.
most of that whole album was about them.
allegedly fonting.
is the sickest of them all.
i’m glad my foxy senses never led me wrong.
i like to think “one and a million” is her first album.
you can dump that other trash.

what’s even worse is when you listen to his old songs,
it’s literal clues to his alleged perverted behavior.
i’ll add another “ugh” for the culture.
i hate everything.

lowkey: i wouldn’t be shocked if r. kelly dabbled in voodoo.

screen caps: buzzfeed

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “if you are muting r. kelly, be prepared to mute some of your fav songs too”

  1. Wait! I’m confused I listen to Aaliyah’s Timbaland & Missy era music all the time on Amazon Music, if its not on other platforms then their way behind.

    P.S.: I pay my $15.99 a month for Amazon Music so if I want to listen to any R. Kelly associated music thats my prerogative. I can think he needs to be under the jail but enjoy his music also!

    1. Likewise. I’m not “muting” anything. None of this is new and people are full of fake outrage.

      I don’t listen to Kells like that because he peaked before my time (I was born in 1996) so I didnt grow up on his music. But he DOES have some songs that are very good and if I ever feel like listening to them I won’t stop myself. Hes still on spotty so clearly they didnt mute him, neither would I.

      Theres more to what happened than what that biased documentary is saying. Funny thing is TWO of those women who were featured there still live with R Kelly. But thats none of my business.

  2. Well im confused i hate playing the race card but black men get accused of so much kobe bryant sidnt rape that white bitch after intercourse she went to a party bragging then pressed chargers then theres michael jackson all the molesters names he was giving even latoya jakson lied on him in regards im over it then theres mr emmit till that bitch lied on him i pray for r kelly but i will not judge off gossip

  3. I can truly say I don’t care for any of these songs and have only heard them in passing. He grossed me out long ago, trapped in the closet was too much for me as a kid. And as far as all that bump n grinding music I never could relate. Rihanna ‘skin’s is more my speed. I’m really into fast music.

  4. While I’m sorry for the victims, I find the outrage, fake. The tape has been out for years and people played dumb because the girl wasn’t White.

    Aliyah’s music is held hostage by her uncle. It will likely never be releases until he passes.

    Her uncle is a trip himself. Kept Jojo from making music for YEARS. Very weird person. I don’t care for him.

    I came across some songs that I had never heard and they were R Kelly covers last year.

    1) If my daughter was a victim of his, hearing his music would make me sick

    2) If his music was about what he did,cleverly hidden in his music, I’d be even more sick

    3) A demon can still read the Bible. My point is The Greatest, I look to You and I Believe I can Fly are not about his evil and are very inspirational songs. I have my covers and that’s that on that.

    He produced much of Whitney’s last album which I loved and those songs helped me through a very dark point in my life.

    Bring written by him doesn’t take away from the lyrics. I won’t be purchasing any of his new music, but if I am to be lynched for singing Ignition, so be it.

    I think “Age Ain’t Nothin but a number” is s creepy phrase in and of itself. Another singer has such a titled song and I refuse to listen to it. Thankfully, R Kelly hasn’t sung many songs I like, just written them. I only buy albums from people who can sing, anyway and I…am….not a big fan of his voice.

  5. I muted r Kelly. I’m not listening to any of his music but the music he produced like AANBANN the album maxwell and songs he produced for other artist I am not muting. It’s different.

  6. Some of you go ahead and mute R.Kelly. Muting him is not going take away the fact that these young girls parents had huge part to play into this mess. It seem like most people isn’t paying attention to that, but blaming R.Kelly. Yes R.Kelly should know better, the same for the parents.
    I’m going to keep on listen to my song Ignition remix.

  7. I haven’t decided if I’m going to mute Kelly as of yet. I did remove him from my streaming music accounts but I may add him back. The judicial system had it’s hands on him and later set him free after the case was adjudicated. I feel like it’s unfair to continually try to bring him down after due process was rendered. He may be guilty but the system currently says he’s not.

    Color me conflicted.

  8. He has a mental illness that needs to be treated and the people who allowed this monster to do what he does needs to be punished as well including Drea Kelly, Sparkle, the parents, the entourage because children are defenseless and it is the job of every adult to protect them. I don’t believe Dreas crocodile tears for swine reason. I think she knows more than what she is saying and trying to play victim to escape the wrath and get money. I never really listened to R Kelly music like that for it to really effect me by muting him. I did grow up on his classics and I love Sex Me, Honey Love, Bump n Grind, Feelin on Yo Booty, Fiesta, Touched a Dream, Forever, Snake, Slow Wind, Step, Happy People, Thoia, etc but I listened to these songs at very random moments not every day. He has a song with Kelly Rowland that I play more frequently because Kelly sounds gorgeous on it. The crazy part is that I always wanted to get into him as an artist but never got around to it. I feel like since I grew up religious and he made such dirty music that I paid him no mind. Now that I’m more sexually active and open minded it’s a shame lol. Who else makes good sex music? He needs a replacement. Lol

    1. Drea Kelly. Knows more than she telling us. I do not understand how women like her never know what their famous husband do.
      One minute she saying one thing, the next minute its another.

    2. Im confused how can you say he has a illness if your not a doctor and you never spoke to him and you dont know him or the whole truth thou shall not judge only god can judge amen

      1. Don’t be confused. If you watched the same doc that I watched then you should have came to the same conclusion. If you are blinded by some fanatic shit then that is your delusion not mine. I’m very clear that I believe where there is smoke there is fire. Did you not see the sex video and the marriage certificate? That’s proof enough for me not to support him anymore then you add in what these people are saying and instead of me thinking R Kelly needs his ass beat, I’m saying he needs medical attention. That ain’t judgement, that’s empathy.

  9. Side note: Aaliyah’s first album was trash. Back & Forth and At Your Best are the only good songs tbh. I always wished R Kelly would have done those 2 songs and she could have worked with other producers. She needed somebody who could push her vocally because she really could sing outside of her usual croon. She has so many vocal moments but nothing really sustained. Her runs and harmonies were slick and she had the best transitions throughout her range than the other girls. Angelic highs, beautiful mids and resonating lows. Missy and Timbo was all about vibe and mood which got her the success she needed and is the legacy that today’s music is born from. Her 3rd album is underrated. She really came into her own on that one. I would have loved to hear her work with Darkchild, Pharrell and Janet’s producers. I’m trying to remember who was hot at the time after her passing. If she could have gotten away from her uncle then her music career would have taken off more especially with the rise of Ashanti and her non singing friends in 2002. Such a tragedy.

  10. First, foremost and last, fuck R. Kelly. We can blame them dumb ass parent and whoever else but the man is a disgusting pervert and wrong as all outdoors. He’s been muted. I don’t care how “fake” the contrarian crowd thinks the outrage is.

    1. I agree. It seems like a lot of people are trying to be contrarian about something that should be pretty cut and dry. R. Kelly is a child predator. Period. I would think that a decision not to continue to support his music would be predicated on that fact solely. Not on what the victims’ parents did, or whether muting him will have an effect, or what the courts decided, or whether others’ outrage is genuine or not. I don’t need to know anything else about the situation other than his actions, which were despicable. I think moral credibility becomes questionable when you justify going easy on these celebs that do monstrous things just because you don’t care about the victims.

      1. the actions of those girl parents, is what gave R.Kelly the right to do what , what he did.
        to place all the blame on R.Kelly is stupid. it was those young girl parents job to make sure that none of that took place.
        yes R.Kelly should have known better. but at the end of the day, the courts is going to look at the parents and what role they play in it.
        follow the money and you will see that the parents was living off the money that these girls was getting.

        1. I’m sure they were living off the money, but who cares? I’m talking about the young girls and the fact R KELLY chose to abuse him. For that fact, his punishment should be jail and cancellation. Period. Whatever the parents deserve, their asses should get as well. Period.

          1. who know if any of that stuff is true. you have to be very careful about stuff like that. you can believe what you want. at the end of the day. you have ask yourself the question is any of this stuff is true.
            Another thing, stop with they the they are mad I’m mad too.

  11. My question is where is the moral line drawn?

    Are we going to mute rappers that rap about selling dope and killing other black people too?

    …Cuz there won’t be any music if that’s the case 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. these same individuals talking about muting R. Kelly will come up with a reason why what rapper’s done or doing different from what R. Kelly did. at the end of the day, some of the stuff I heard what some of these rapper have done in the booth is just as nasty. But they have a reason why it different. if we going Mute one we should mute Snoop, Dr.dre and countless others.

    2. If I’m aware of something that an artist is doing that goes against my own moral code, then I won’t support them. It can be a slippery slope, but I think an individual like R Kelly is a slam dunk cancellation. I understand not everybody goes by my same code and some people will continue to listen to R Kelly’s music knowing he’s a pedophile and an abuser. That’s on them. However, the faulty logic people use to justify it is what I take issue with. A lot of “but what about this” instead of being like “I don’t care that he’s a pedophile cus the records are hot.”

      1. So selling crack and cocaine and destroying the black community and bragging about it isn’t a slam dunk cancellation?

        Bragging about killing other pineapples isn’t a slam dunk cancellation?

        I don’t listen to R. Kelly or most rappers so I have no dog in this fight, but people judging and chastising those who choose not to stop listening to R. Kelly is hypocritical when most artists that are mainstays on black radio stations have a criminal record…with convictions!

        If you’re going to be moral, keep that same energy about everything that’s detrimental to society. Murderers, drug dealers, woman beaters, deadbeat dads, thieves. It’s strange to cancel one and not the others.

        1. Selling dope IS a slam dunk cancellation (for me). That’s why there are a lot of artists that I don’t listen to. I can’t get into an artist if I know something problematic about them. My shit is consistent; I don’t engage in selective outrage, which I hate. I haven’t listened to R. Kelly’s nasty ass since I learned about the tape back in ‘02. Same goes with any other singer/actor that does something that I deem to be unforgivable.

          As I said, not everybody is gonna have my standard, but I think it’s weird people are being so critical of others’ choice to cancel his ass. Like what’s the problem? The dude preyed on underage girls. If people wanna cancel him, what’s so questionable about that?

          I think it’s more questionable when people come up with the bizarre arguments to justify why they continue to stream ol’ boy’s music. To me, what I hear is “I acknowledge what he did was wrong, but I don’t want to have to suffer the inconvenience of removing his music from my rotation.” Peeps should just own that.

          There are actually plenty of artists you can listen to that aren’t problematic (such a liberal PC word the horror lol).

  12. Just looking at the music its clear that R Kelly has worked with a lot of people, but if we can be honest the only songs on this list that I still here occasionally even before the “Mute R Kelly” movement were Aaliyah’s “ Back and Forth”, Maxwell’s “Fortunate”, and Michael Jacksons “ You are not alone”. I think people over blow this idea of being a genius, I mean I was clearly around at the time and I barely remember any of these songs. Besides his songs we’re any of these #1 hits?

  13. Also, as a side note can we be completely honest, once all this stuff about allegedly eating shit, licking blood and all of this other degenerate debauchery came to light he would have been cancelled anyway underage allegations aside; most of society especially black people aren’t into that mess. I think the underage allegations just give people and air of self-righteousness and comes across as hypocritical. You all allowed this docuseries to enter your homes and cause total confusion and now everyone is all over the place. You have accusations of pedophilia when last I checked it was defined as adults who have sexual interest in prepubescent children i.e. 5, 8, 10-year-old kids, y’all let these women and parents be painted as victims when in reality most we’re accessories and coconspirators to R. Kelly’s actions. You have some “social media influencers” suggesting that you are still a child if you are under 25 years old; let’s see how that works out. We live in the United States of America, which has no problem charging minors (especially Blacks and Latinos) as adults and punished as adults (except for the death penalty as of 2005), we have the school to prison pipeline, school shootings every month, and children dying in Chicago; and now all of a sudden we are champions for children…. Give me a break, let’s get real.

    1. So you’re outraged that other people are outraged at outrageous behavior? Why?? This anti-PC, contrarian mindset that people are on these days is a trip. There are plenty of people that do a TON to champion children in a myriad of ways, and are rightfully outraged by R Kelly’s sexual predation of underage girls. Are there hypocrites in the mix? Of course. But I’m not focusing on them because R Kelly deserves all the backlash that he’s getting, genuine or feigned. So some ppl engage in selective outrage. So we just ignore the whole thing? Y’all are scary for real lol.

  14. Here’s the thing, if we “muted” every music artist that had a scandal or something negative, there would be no music.

    I think we have to find a balance with all these demons coming out of the closet. The question is, can you love the art without loving the artist?

  15. This is true like with kevin hart err body has said or done something in the past and no ones perfect living a straight line is very hard we no longer pray for some one in need just ask god to help him a prayer is from your is simply from your lips to god ears

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