Who Wants To Have A Slumber Party?!

britney-tinashe-slumber-party-remixi have a confession.
i been listening to britney spears first two albums lately.
i know.
it’s lighthearted pop fun that i need right now.
i like britney spears current album “glory” tho.
i haven’t listened to it in a while,
but i liked “slumber party”.
well britney dropped a remix video with tinashe the other day.
this is the outcome

looking good.
having some energy from a red bull.

nice video b,
although i’m baffled about something.
did tinashe bring anything to the table for this remix?
or is it britney who is lacking?
it reminds me of the “s&m” remix with rihanna.
it’s just “there”.
nothing was added or taken away.
i did like this scene tho:



and i could do with this:


foxhole meet sam asghari.
a fitness model wolf who everyone blew up because of the video.
he kinda reminds me of ( x this wolf ).
they have the similar faces.
jaw lines and chinky eyes.
that’s always a recipe for abortions and sleepless nights.
it’s also the type older snow bunnies have slumber parties.
their occupation is usually “the pool boy” or “gardener”.
either way,
i’ll allow the video and him.

pictures credited: sam asghari

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Who Wants To Have A Slumber Party?!”

  1. Britney always has a “stiffness” or uncertainty when it comes to dancing. It’s like she’s keeping the counts in her head so she’s not off beat. LOL
    The male lead is phyne as hell though!! His ho factor just went up tenfold!

  2. Her energy is better than normal. They must have lowered her anti depressant dosage because she seems more “here”…I’m for it.

  3. “Having some energy from a red bull” 😂
    Btw, i was watching Entertainment Tonight and they were showing snippets of the video, saying Britney dances seductively with some girl🤔…i’m thinking isn’t that Tinashe??? Guess she ain’t a household name yet!

  4. The video was hot. Even though I like Tinashe, she was not needed. Everytime Britney collabs with someone, it’s always lackluster. Britney is an artist that doesn’t need/have to collaborate with anyone. All in all, I’m glad one of my favorite songs on the album has a video; a hot one at that.

  5. Chinky eyes – that’s racist man, I didn’t expect that from you. I was under the impression that this site appreciated the beauty of ALL men of colour.

  6. I looooove the video. And I liked Slumber Party already but I think Tinashe being in the VIDEO helped the song. It gave it more buzz too.

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