Kanye Rants About Beyonce and Does Other Peculiar Things

tumblr_static_afs49igni74k8o4okk84kko44_640_v2ya’ll still pay to see kanye live?
good luck with that.
well kanye is at it again in one of his concerts.
i mean,
this is nothing new.
his latest situation that happend in sacramento had:

male on male bonding with kid cudi
beyonce ranting
mic droppin/leaving early

an f-bi led me the following videos.
i don’t know exactly what order,
but here they go

male on male bonding with kid cudi:

beyonce ranting:

mic droppin/leaving early:

go easy on him.
he is mentally unstable and in dire need of a straight jacket.
whatever was going on up on that stage with kid cudi and him…

tumblr_nm1d2hlzfy1qdd19ko1_400suspect on many levels.

Why do people even pay for his shows?

you get dressed,
thinking you gonna have an amazing experience,
and this muthafucka jacks you for your money.
i don’t get it.
then again,
we are the same country that elected the obvious jackal.
ironically kanye allegedly loves him some trump:


we have lost another one to their secret hyena ways.
bless him.

lowkey: if kanye was gay,
what would he be?
i can’t call it.

videos taken: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Kanye Rants About Beyonce and Does Other Peculiar Things

  1. Kanye just doesn’t know, Bey and Jay are known for ending careers. He better hope they keep laughing and overlooking him.

  2. As I started to post my comment I clicked on a related post from February 2013,”Has Kanye Started to Lose his Mind”.Back then he was going on a rant about Jay Z,Obama,etc.Kanye is mentally ill and I don’t think his family (Kardashians) understand or give a F#ck.Someone on Twitter joked that Kid Cudi should have whispered the name of the mental health facility where he was treated because Kanye needs to check in one.This is not funny,It’s sad.

    For the people who spent hundreds of dollars on concert tickets,plane tickets,hotels,etc for him to sing three songs.I guess they knew when you deal with an erratic artist like him,that’s a possibility.I am too cheap to waste my money on him,Lauryn(I have to “allign” my energy with the time) Hill,etc.They are great artists but I am not going to pay for you to show up 2 hrs late and perform 15 minutes.

    1. ^this is why id only pay for beyonce or rihanna.
      hell ill pay for a chris brown concert.
      to think,
      i was going to go to his december 31st concert.
      thank God he showed his natural black ass.

  3. Kanye is certified crazy, his mind went when his mother passed. It really shows me that Kim is not there either. You can look at Kim and tell she is not happy. She laid down and had two kids by an unstable man, and don’t get me started on Kanye treating Kim like a mannequin doll. Cleaning out her closet and dressing her with those awful ass clothes, making her take those lame tired ass photos, and trying to make her a high fashion model which is never going to happen. I don’t think Kim will leave him now, but I give it a another year or two before we read the headlines Kim divorces Kanye. Jamari to answer your question I think Kanye would be a Hybrid.

  4. I COMPLETLY disagree witht he Kid Kudi comment. That black brother is in need of love, and Kanye knows. I think thats why the embrace was so long. Kudi has been going through it, if one thing Moonlight has taught me was that we cant infuse our own opinions on other forms of black men and their masculinity. We are all indivduals who react differently to situations.

    ALSO, Kanye has to go! WTF?!

    1. Did Kanye cancel his show tonight because Jay Z sent his killers to get Kanye? Was he telling the truth about that too?

      MTV already released a statement that Beyonce was contacted in June about appearing on the show before the nominations.But if you think that’s how she gets her awards then that must be how all of them,including Kanye, get their awards,right?

  5. Kanye cancelled his makeup concert for tonight at LA Forum.Fans can get refunds for the concert tickets but like I said earlier it’s not just the tickets.Some people fly in to town for these concerts.

  6. I laughed a that video where he said he knows jayz got killers but please don’t send them to my head, just call me. Damn he just want his jayjay, he just want blue to play with north he just want bey and kim bff. I feel bad for him for real like it’s obvious he’s sick

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