I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (60)

tumblr_m45cbkaexs1r4yegro1_5001well the country is still in a mood over trump being elected president.
everyone is still very uneasy.
i’ve actually seen people at my old job stop speaking.
there is a black wolf there who voted for trump that gets real defensive.
that threw me for the loop.
did you know who you voted for????
racism has started to become much more obvious as well.
what happens when it comes to blows tho?
this is the alleged story about the following video on tumblr:


…and here is the video:


did something happen before this?
or was this just jackals being jackals?
the victim spoke out in an interview:

The 49-year-old victim of the Chicago beating has explained what happened.

He claims the aggressors car sideswiped his, and as he got out with intention to trade insurance information, one of the men said “Yeah, that’s one of them white-boy Trump supporters.”

After the video ends, he was dragged by his own car as one of the men stole it, “The guy went to 70 and 80 mph, swerving. He was trying to get me to fall off. If I let go, I was gonna die.”
Eventually the car slowed down, and a nearby parole officer intervened.

The victim also claims the attackers would have had no way of knowing who he voted for, suggesting there were no Trump stickers or hats and they just attacked him for being white.

this is why i tole “us” not to get involved in this.
any issues that happen going forward,
we will be the face of the examples.
when anyone tries to test you about any of this,
always remember:


ithat should be the motto for the next four years.
hell for your own life and those around you.
you don’t have to respond/react to everything.
please stay safe.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (60)”

  1. Stuff like this troubles me because people that do stupid shyt like this give us all a bad name. EVERYONE of color gets lumped together when things like this happen, and it doesn’t have to be like that. What was the purpose of all of them jumping on that individual? Just a way to hit on a person, which in turn will have them going to jail, and having productive citizens paying for their food and lodging through taxes.

    You want to vent your anger, take up boxing or mixed martial arts. Hit the gym. Go running. go home and smoke some weed or whatever you do. Actions like THIS are totally unnecessary.

    1. You’re going to stress yourself out thinking that way. Instances like this will always be given more attention, along with certain facts being omitted. If anything everyone should be pissed at the random vixen recording for bringing up Trump.

      This was just the usual road rage after an accident. I’ve seen grand parents jump out of their car and swing on a person for hitting them. This is nothing new or unique.

      1. Yeah, the girl recording was wrong, but they were all wrong for attacking. I’m sure they’re on camera from one of the businesses in the area, and they were/are dumb enough to show that to their “friends” who will give them up at the drop of a dime…or post it on WSHH!

        People need to think before they act. Is your freedom worth assaulting and probably seriously injuring or killing another person? I know anger causes people to react irrationally, but take a moment to get yourself together before confronting/reacting to someone. I’ve been in those scenarios, but as a passenger, and I’ve been the voice of reason in those situations.

    2. I think we need stop with the “such and such gives us a bad name.” I see black and gay people say it all the time. The bad apples give themselves a bad name and it doesn’t matter how good our people are, there will always be people who categorize us by the bad apples because that is how they want to believe we are. If someone chooses to see me in a negative light based on the bad apples, it says more about them than me. I know who I am and don’t have to prove how good I am to anyone in society.

      1. I agree with you. I feel like black people and society put so much pressure on blacks in general its as if we have to perform when we’re out an about, meanwhile is a white person does something crazy that individual represents themselves, but we’re seen as one whole entity when one of our own does something stupid which is foolish. People are already racist and stereotype us. Whether it’s the brotha doing wrong on the corner or the brotha who has earned his MBA in Finance. It’s like it’s NEVER enough to dispel this typecast surrounding our images

      2. @Troy & Malcolm…And people should want to do better and not have themselves stereotyped so negatively. Yeah, we will always be categorized as thugs/animals/etc., but you don’t have to prove them right by going out and acting a damn fool. There are many educated brothers and sisters out there who know how to conduct themselves civilized, but it’s always the fools that they focus on…thus we get lumped in with them. You could be in a restaurant conducting yourself in a civilized manner, all of a sudden a loud group comes in and causes a ruckus…guess who will get lumped in with them, no matter that you were there sitting quietly BEFORE they arrived.

        We put pressure on ourselves because people like those in the video make it hard for the rest of us who display manners and good judgment. They are the ones that will make it very hard to dispel any typecasting of us as a whole.

  2. They’re trying to make this story about a Trump supporter getting jumped, but that wasn’t the case, which is typical. There was an accident, which is why they fought. The girl recording randomly said some shit about Trump 😒

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