Tinashe Is Giving You “Superlove”

tumblr_obujj7eGtw1voa4coo1_500so remember those pictures i posted a while ago about tinashe?
it was from ( x her video that she was filming ).
well the video has been released!
the song is called “superlove” and here it issssss…


that was cute.
very good for the summer.
the video make me want to go give some “mouth to…
never mind.
i got to give her props that at least she can dance.
she should do a duet with mya.
“superlove” will be on her upcoming album,
which will be released in october.

lowkey: she is really pretty…

i love her face.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Tinashe Is Giving You “Superlove””

  1. Not feeling the song but the dancing was fire tho. I feel like she needs catchier songs Mya wasn’t the strongest vocally but had good music and danced so she should focus there

      1. I actually like the song and the video is great! She definitely should concentrate on uptempo style songs, showcasing her strong point…her dancing. The girl is good!

  2. I’m sorry but no. They just need to stop and try again. We have INOJ’s Love You Down and the endless until the end of times GhostTown DJs My Boo. Go back to that drawing board and try someone else’s lane.

    This would have made sense to release The beginning of summer but too late now and a missed opportunity to capitalize on the stupid running man dance. RCA needs to try again

  3. As soon as Tinashe either finds her own lane or believes enough in herself to make her commercial output sound more like her distinctive mixtapes she will find success. Until then, this is a cute video, but NO ONE will remember this (unless RCA has made a deal with the devil – Clear Channel). I will keep watching but won’t be buying…

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