deon long spreads them cheeks like land o’lakes without a care in the forest?

*the following is rated xxx viewer discretion is strongly advised i’ve always wondered how this whole baiting situation actually goes down. Baiting is when someone sets up a fake profile and gets someone to show their nudes, only to leak the nudes for free OR charge people to see them. usually, the baiter uses pics/videos … Continue reading “deon long spreads them cheeks like land o’lakes without a care in the forest?”

I Can’t Believe It’s Deon Long (Original and Alleged Bunz Spread )

*the following is parental advisory. viewer discretion is strongly advised. okay… so the baiter, “beenbaitingsincethe90s”, kicked up the alleged deon long dust a little further. this is what they posted on their tumblr…

Deon Long Allegedly Smacks His Own Ass For Good Luck

remember how i fonted some straight wolves love their tails? it was in an entry a while ago. check the archives. well, i’m convinced deon long allegedly loves his. the tumblr, “beenbaitingsincethe90s”, released these alleged shots/gif of deon and well…

Deon Long Makes His Rounds on The Wanted List

some folks don’t deserve success. they get it and ruin it by making stupid decisions. i don’t know if it’s how they were raised, caught up in dumb shit, or it’s karma, but i never understand it. well deon long, a baller wolf who has been on my radar, is caught up again. he is … Continue reading “Deon Long Makes His Rounds on The Wanted List”

I Finally Found Out Who Deon Long Is

um, drool much? i been wondering who ^that was for a while now. i’ll show you why soon. the forces that be directed me to find out who he is. he fell right down my tumblr with his name attached. his name is deon long and he happens to be a baller wolf…

rest in power to flex deon-blake

even if it’s porn, people have started legit careers and become legends in their fields. i’d like to think that is what we all strive for. in whatever fields we go into, we do our best so that we become respected and open doors for those behind us. we can’t look down on people because … Continue reading “rest in power to flex deon-blake”