we shouldn’t laugh at the two girlfriends of r. kelly

so ^those two sex slaves girlfriends of r. kelly,
azriel clary and joycelyn savage,
i actually feel really sorry for them…

even tho they were rude af to gayle king on that interview,
they are still victims.
r. kelly did a number on them so he’s all they know.
now that they hauled his ass off to jail,
i couldn’t help but wonder…

How are these two gonna start over?

making video to tmz like this:


this is what you call “brainwashed“.
i swear,
the one on the left looks like she’s completely over it.
the one on the right is still holding on for dear life.
she’s the mouth piece in this twosome.
i mean…
doing alla this over r. kelly tho?

i hope he left them money while he’s indisposed.
that dog has to eat and so do they.
if not,
these two are about to get a serious wake up call.
they don’t have any other survival skills besides him.
i doubt they’ll return home back to their parents.

What’s next?


lowkey: …and they’re staying at trump towers too?
this an “mess” mess.

5 thoughts on “we shouldn’t laugh at the two girlfriends of r. kelly

  1. Nah J, they got kicked out of Trump Tower. When the Feds took R Kelly, they closed off the apartment/condo and they couldn’t get back in. A spokesperson was having a briefing and the father of one of the girls showed out a bit.
    This is sad ALL AROUND. Whatever he did to them, for them to turn their backs on family and friends, is hella scary. The power he had over the women he dealt with is crazy. some had the strength and courage to get out. These two…I don’t know. They still seem lost.
    They’re PERFECT victims for other sexual predators to step in and manipulate them.

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