the battles of those around us we know nothing about (virgil abloh)

you know what everyone says when someone dies:

“Love on people while they’re still here.”

everyone says that when some big celebrity passes.
you know how celebs help others question their molarity or to do the right thing.
this weekend,
we lost virgil abloh due to his secret battle with cancer.
he trailblazed during his young life as a menswear designer for louis vuitton and his own brand,
off white.
he worked with everyone from jay z to ye.
he had MANY friends and admirers in the industry who are mourning his passing.
he was 41.
what i took from this passing is,
we need to appreciate those while they are still here but…

People will be battling serious illnesses while trying to wrap up their legacies.

virgil was battling his illness while trying to wrap things up before it was his time.
it’s similar to chadwick who put a lot on his plate because he knew.
as humans,
we will always complain and judge others around us.
we will never stop doing that.
there are some silly humans in this world that do too much.
i guess what i’m trying to font is…

We don’t know what others really have on their plates.

we all won’t be around for long.
death is one thing that is certain in our lives.
some of us will secretly battle cancers or other illnesses as we fight to live.
content creators understand that 110%.

I will font that many don’t appreciate us until we aren’t here any longer.

when no one else will step up to fill those shoes when we are gone.
may virgil rest in power and may his spirit and legacy continue to live on.
i hope you all continue to give grace to those whose battles you know nothing of. 

read more about virgil: here

1 thought on “the battles of those around us we know nothing about (virgil abloh)

  1. As a Black Man its a different kind of pain when a Talented Black Man or Woman leaves the world.

    Chadwick Boseman-
    Whitney Houston
    Micheal Jackson

    We can have so many barriers to knock down for us to attain success , I rally behind and live vicariously through their success here in a world that attempts to make you feel that being black is not of value. These brothers and sister were proof .

    I pray for his loved ones and the loved ones of anyone who has lost their life .

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