(Foxhole) I Bet You Had A Better Day Than Me

i’m the one folks go to when their parents get diagnosed with cancer.
i guess i can be a comfort of sorts.
“my parents died of cancer and all i got was this lousy t-shirt”.
one of my closest home vixen’s mother was diagnose with cancer yesterday…

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“I Only Gave Head 4 Times This Year. I’m Safe!”

well you getting more than calcium from giving head.
you might be getting a load of cancer.
so the head hunters out here are more at risk,
they’re saying.
an f-bi sent me an article from “the daily mail”.
it goes on to font
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Bad News on Christmas Eve

i was laying in bed just now,
enjoying every inch of my lazy,
when i saw i had 4 texts on my computer.
i had my phone on my favorite mode:


…so i didn’t hear it.
when i looked,
it was the pretty vixen.

“jamari i need to talk to you”
“i have horrible news”
“i know you can relate with this”
“please text me soon”

so i did
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Pastor Bishop Eddie Long Has Been Hospitalized

t1larg.long.poolwe spoke about pastor bishop,
eddie long,
back in the pre-foxhole days.

he had some scandals that left for epic entries.
check the archives.
^that is how i remember eddie long.
well this is the “brand new eddie long” that has everyone talking…
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I Wasn’t Strong For That Leah Story

stillthis story broke me down!…
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John Wall Made Me Cry Today

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.58.11 PMjohn wall is a good baller wolf.
i hate that he made me cry tho.
so john became cool with a six year old cancer patient named
miyah telemaque-nelson.
he would facetime her and even helped her meet nicki minaj.
well she died yesterday and he had an amazing game in her honor.
well this is what happened at the post game interview
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