I Wasn’t Strong For That Leah Story

stillthis story broke me down!…

its the story of baller wolf of the bengals,
devon still and his beautiful cub,
she has been battling cancer most of her young life,
but the speech her father just gave at espys tonight…

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.10.58 PMwho is kinda fine by the way…
 i cried so damn hard.
i didn’t handle that one well at all.
i know first hand how cancer is.
i’m sending my prayers to his family and to little leah.

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Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Strong For That Leah Story”

  1. It really is man smh. Cancer truly sucks and as bad as it sounds: i don’t believe we’ll ever see an absolute cure to cancer. Cancer is way too profitable for it to be just cured.. I say this as a guy who works in a vaccine/immunology capacity and as someone who has lost someone to cancer. It’s a multi billion dollar industry, yo.

    1. That’s the way I feel. They make come up with some preventative pill that isn’t guaranteed to prevent cancer but people will still buy like HIV, but if there’s a cure we’ll never know it.

      If they had a cure for Cancer and HIV/AIDS the medical business would need a bailout.

      1. If there is such a cure already in existence, I’m sure only the people on the “inside” would receive the proper treatments. i.e People with a lot of money, fame; celebrities, politicians, royalty (status) etc.

        Something like that would be hard to cover up for long though.

  2. Cancer is no joke! I know it firsthand too papi!! My father passed away from Pancreatic cancer…which gives you NO warning! It’s the only undetectable cancer.
    I will see the speech on websites I’m sure but man, Stuart Scott’s speech last year had me in tears.
    When it hits home and you know what that person is experiencing, it makes the message that much more poignant.
    With all of these SO CALLED ADVANCES in technology and medicine, I refuse to believe there is no cure for this and other medical horrors like Alzheimer’s, etc.

    1. I feel the same way Christian. I have seen what cancer can do first hand to a loved one and it is just ineffable, can’t even describe the helplessness when it’s their final days. It’s an inhumane illness.

      See, why do I feel that there is a simple solution to cancer? It seems like a such a simple disease by nature, but nearly impossible to stop. its just weird. Idk what to believe anymore.

      It’s tragic that a little girl has to experience this. Its just cruel.

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