If I Was Your… Woman?

tumblr_m6s7pzzuFB1rszxuao1_500the talk today was caitlyn jenner’s speech at the 2015 espy.
good or bad,
everyone was talking about it.
work wolf and i ended up talking about it at lunch.

so he texted me and asked me if i wanted to go to a spot for lunch.
i was actually fiending for a burger.
we went to the spot down the street from the job.
we got a good seat,
ordered drinks,
and started to talk.
i mentioned something about me watching the espys.
he was shocked.

watched the espys?”

why you sound like that?”

“i didn’t think that would be your thing…”

giphy….obviously he didn’t know who i was.
he was shocked before when i told him i liked video games as much as i do.
so the topic of caitlyn jenner came up.
he said he didn’t agree with it.
i asked him to explain.
he said isn’t comfortable with “that”.

“with what?”

“when men turn themselves into women.”

so i asked him:

“so what if i came to you and said i was thinking of transitioning?
you wouldn’t be cool with me anymore?”

he paused.

“yeah i still would.”

so then i said that he just said he wouldn’t be comfortable.
he says:

“but in my eyes,
i already look at you as a female tho.”

i stopped eating my fries and looked at him crazy.
i mean he said he looked at me as “the girlfriend” before.

“its not an insult.
like i told you before i like it.
you not feminine,
but you emotionally that way.”

“so whats the difference with caitlyn and me?”

“that nigga was a man.
he was fuckin’ hoes.
he was married.
he had kids.
he turned himself into a chick.”

“well he was scared to do it before.”

“yeah but you really think his kids feel comfortable with that?
they might have said so for the tv,
but you see how they was looking at him?
he up there with a wig on and a dress.
if that was my father,
i wouldn’t have shown up.”

i could see his point where that was concerned.
he then went on to say:

“plus he don’t even look like no chick.
he look like a man in a dress.
he don’t talk like a female either.
the whole thing is just crazy to me.”

“well its good to know you would accept me.”


i ended up taking a long lunch than usual.
i was a 1/2 late.
blame it on the alcohol and convo.
i got in trouble once i walked back in the office.
my b.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “If I Was Your… Woman?”

  1. I told you Foxes are a lot like females mentally, been saying it for a minute and I stand by it. No offense but it is true.

      1. Actually no. However, from a mental standpoint I know to expect female traits from most of you, but physically I see the masculine ones as a men.

    1. Im gon have to do sum self reflecting cuz i never thought myself emotionally like a female but maybe i am. This don got me thinkin.

    2. Ok this is a very good topic… The Man, what about foxed who have a top/man mentality, do you still see us as female as well? Just curious

      1. I do not visualize you all as females, but mentally and emotionally a lot of Foxes tend to be like women, it is not all of you. It depends on the dude. To be honest, some tops are like women too, but I’ll save that for a later topic on a later day lol.

  2. So how do you feel about him looking at you as a female? He def responds to you like one and that def puts everything in perspective from the paying for everything, and overall way he interacts with you. Idk, he def is an enigma. I can see y u cant put your finger on him. I wouldnt be surprised if eventually something happened. I mean he likes to fuck females and sees you as one. Idk

      1. I would say so. I mean he does things above friendship level. No guy would do that for another guy. Its easy for him because u not a guy to him. I dont understand him though cuz he dont think of you as fem. Anyway i dont know if that means he sees you as a potential interest or not.

      2. Aww that was so cute. Well we shall see what comes of this dance between fox and wolf in the concrete forest.

  3. LMFAO!!! JAMARI! The nigga said I already look you as a female.

    I’m sorry but that shit was funny. Had it been me I’d a socked him In the face. The fuck you mean you look at me as female.

    There’s nothing wrong nothing women but I’m a man.

    I do think that some members of Caitlyn’s family are only supportive for the fame that Caitlyn is getting.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if behind closed doors it’s a different story.

      1. If something does happen between you’ll I don’t think it will end bad, you’ll relationship is here to stay I can tell he makes you happy in vice versa.

    1. How can you not support someone who has given you so much love & protection throughout your life because they want to finally be who they want to be… SELFISH if that is the case and I hope it comes to LIGHT if that is the case..

  4. I have to agree with Work Wolf on this one. Reading some of your posts, you do give off a female mentality.

  5. I’d prefer to not be associated with a woman, but I guess that’s just his somewhat limited way of expressing the situation being that he isn’t too familiar with the gay scene anyway (allegedly lol).

    I think I’d give him the crazy look too, why the fuck would i want that to be said to me? LOL! “it’s not an insult!” he says. *sigh*

    The fck? So how am I supposed to take that? LOL! Oh jeez. Luckily for him I’d actually know what he’s trying to say.

    He doesn’t see you a woman in full, but he’s attracted to the feminine energy that you’re giving off as in the connection you two have. It’s like having a girlfriend but in the guy form but you all aren’t dating, so naturally there’s a closeness there. I think he’s getting at more of a deeper level of femininity (nurturing, supportive,caring, loving) that we all possess in ways but women embody those characteristics more, in general. Judging from what he’s saying, you’re still his bro, but he’s just saying you all have a deeper connection than he can with any other guy. this guy is interesting though.

    1. ^d you hit the nail on the head.
      he told me last week i’m the only person who takes time to listen to him.
      i also got him doing things professionally that he didn’t think he could do.

      its interesting what i’m bringing in his life and what he brings in mine.

  6. “yeah but you really think his kids feel comfortable with that?”

    It’s stuff like that which makes me glad that Caitlyn made the transition. It’s her life. As a parent there are some things you have to sacrifice but the keyword there is SOME not everything. One thing, i believe, is you should never sacrifice is the right to be yourself and live your truth for anything (Basically, don’t sell out or sell your soul). This is why people should plan ahead before having kids or other things in life that are long term. But, the important thing is that Caitlyn has done it and people need to get over it.

    1. I agree with you ,you have to live your life.You can’t sacrifice your life,your peace of mind,your happiness,etc for your kids or your parents.During the Diane Sawyer interview ,Caitlyn said (I’m paraphrasing) what if she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.Would she want to spend the time she had left living a lie or living her truth.
      Of course nobody wants to hurt their loved ones but if they truly love you they want you to be happy.Life is too short.

    2. His kids didn’t ask to be conceived or born. He made the decision to marry multiple women and to engage in heterosexual sex (as a man) and have them knowing he was having those feelings.

      They’re not stupid though. They want to stay in that will. I doubt any of them have viable careers besides reality TV.

      1. Agreed. Exactly what i mean when i say people need to plan ahead when it comes to long term. Stuff like this is the reason why a lot of men are on the dl, they acted so long based on what society wanted to do with them and by the time they’re married to a woman they can’t ignore their attraction to men any longer and act out, thus an dl man. This is the case of Caitlyn who’s led this life of “Bruce” despite truly feeling like Caitlyn Jenner for a while. Some things in life should be done sooner rather than later.

        Definitely agree about the will though. They won’t be stepping out of line.

  7. I can totally related!!! I was called a female one time…. okay twice. A friend told me I was like a female because I wore jewelries. Shit I have to because gold on my brown skin is gorgeous combination. And the other time was because of the way I “flirt” with guys, even tho I honestly don’t flirt at all.

  8. I think he views you as a female because your gay.. rather than a straight bro best friend…. I feel he said female because he could cos you like top men & as D said he hasn’t had a male show caring tendencies ..
    I don’t think he meant offence..

  9. I dont even know what to say. Work wolf has me a little heated with this one lol. Imma say this, hes your friend and not mine, so therefore you know him better than i do, And i get what hes saying, this is the first time ive heard her speak since transitioning, i support her fully, but damn she sounds like a man. He can at least try. BUt work wolf doesnt know her, only what has been shown of her on tv, so how can he say that shes a man in a dress, im pretty sure if he knew her he would say he thinks of her as a woman too, but he doesnt know her, He doesnt know any trans people im sure, he doesnt know the struggle, and the time and effort it takes to transition, when you transition you need to take hormones so your body will appear to match the body of the gender you identify with. At this point in Caitlyns life hormones probably wouldnt do her any good, seeing as how the earlier you take them better, because the longer you have testosterone in your body, the more masculine you look, and some features just cant be changed. Im pretty sure she cant change that now lol, Shes been afraid most of her life, and now she has the courage to be herself. Its been harder on her than a lot of people because shes had so much pressure on her to be this person who she really isnt, just to satisfy others, and the public eye. I think worl wolf needs to educate himself a little more before he voices his opinion on a matter which he doesnt know much about (which I take from what youve told us). I actually think work wolf is a great guy from what youve told, and i dont want it too appear that i think bad of him lol. But anyway im sending you love and support Jamari, all the ay from Mississippi.

  10. Man Jamari some the things this dude says and does sound like fantasy. You sure you ain’t making some this stuff up? lol. Either that or no way this a straight dude.

    1. Also idk man I’d hella offended if a dude told me that lol. Like fuck you I aint no female, then wanna dress it up, but lowkey I think dude sees all gays as feminine if he say shit like that.

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