Pastor Bishop Eddie Long Has Been Hospitalized

t1larg.long.poolwe spoke about pastor bishop,
eddie long,
back in the pre-foxhole days.

he had some scandals that left for epic entries.
check the archives.
^that is how i remember eddie long.
well this is the “brand new eddie long” that has everyone talking…

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.45.26 PM

a foxhole hipped me to the whole video explaining his “new look”:

well he claims he is was a vegan,
but it was revealed he has been hospitalized due to a serious illness.
this is what christian post is saying:

After recently turning heads with his drastic weight loss that he says he achieved through a new vegan diet, a new report claims controversial pastor Bishop Eddie Long, 63, of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, was hospitalized last week with a grave illness.

Founder of Obnoxioustv’s blog William McCray III, reported Friday that he was informed by a close friend of the bishop, who he also alleges is a verified member of Long’s church, that the pastor is suffering from an unspecified gastro-intestinal cancer that has already progressed to stage 4.

“Recently, while out to dinner with some prominent minister friends a person approached our table and specifically want to speak to Sir William, (sic) in a very humble and politely asked if they could have seat. We said sure and the source went on to share they were a member of New Birth and choose to stay through the scandal. The source shared their name and shared they were very close to Bishop Long and asked if Obnoxious Media would take it easy on bishop due to his having cancer,” McCray reported.

“After a couple of phone calls and text messages it was confirmed this was a very reliable source. They explained that Bishop Long has cancer in his digestive system and it was discovered in the 4th stage and he literally has months to live,” the report added.

The Christian Post reached out to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Monday for comment but a phone message said the church was not open on Mondays. A message left for the minister on call for urgent matters was not returned.

According to McCray’s source, despite the alleged diagnosis, Bishop Long is banking on his faith for deliverance.

“Bishop Long has been admitted to an Atlanta hospital this week where he has been since Monday and not yet discharged,” McCray noted on Friday. “The Reliable Source went on to say the doctors have give Bishop Long up and (sic) their is nothing they can do, but try to make him comfortable. Although, Bishop Long is not willing to accept that he is ill and quoting the scripture that life and death lies in the power of the tongue.”

According to Oasis of Hope Hospital a cancer is said to be in stage 4 when it has spread far away from the origin into other organs of the body.

“This progression is also known as metastasis and unless a metastasis is singular — meaning that it has only spread in to one specific location — and it’s still accessible, it usually means that the cancer will no longer be curable with localized therapies such as surgery or radiotherapy,” said Oasis of Hope.

The American Cancer Society says the overall 5-year relative survival rate of all people with stomach cancer in the United States is about 29 percent.

that is really sad.
i know he has done some wrong things in his past,
but i wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
i hope for a speedy recovery for eddie long.
faith can make miracles happen.
speaking of this,

When last have you gone to the doctor for your physical?

we don’t ever speak about those things,
as we get wrapped up in other stuff,
but your health is # 1.
i had a physical done last year,
but it’s time to book one in the coming weeks.
you should always get one every year.
don’t wait until it’s too late because as you know shit can happen.

You cum first

do this for me soon!

article taken: christian post

8 thoughts on “Pastor Bishop Eddie Long Has Been Hospitalized

  1. I’m so happy he is now a vegan! Whew – now when I’m in Atlanta, there is no pressure to invite him and his entourage to dinner! I host ‘meat only’ functions! LMFHO

  2. I personally have dealt with gastritis that has held me back and devastated my life for 10yrs. Yes, if you don’t maintain a consistent healthy eating life style you can develop stomach cancer. Now I really don’t trust Mr. Eddie Long Monster, maybe he’s using this as a cover up, however once diagnosed with the disease and because healthy eating can instantly make a person loss weight and look sick.

  3. Although everyone deserves their privacy, especially during trying times, he could help a lot of other African American men by at least acknowledging that he has cancer. Encourage other men to get health screenings. Like HIV, many don’t realize anything is wrong until it is too late.

  4. He released a statement today saying he is recovering from a “health challenge” so obviously everyone is speculating he has AIDS.I DK why he didn’t just say cancer to avoid all the speculation if he has cancer.It is 2016 there is no stigma in saying you have cancer.

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