Bad News on Christmas Eve

i was laying in bed just now,
enjoying every inch of my lazy,
when i saw i had 4 texts on my computer.
i had my phone on my favorite mode:


…so i didn’t hear it.
when i looked,
it was the pretty vixen.

“jamari i need to talk to you”
“i have horrible news”
“i know you can relate with this”
“please text me soon”

so i did

the pretty vixen told me that her mother was diagnosed with cancer.
she revealed it today,
but she knew for a while.
very similar to how both my parents were diagnosed and their diseases.
she reached out to me first because i definitely could relate.
she told me she will call me when she gets herself together.
i told her take her time and i’ll be here.

you never know what someone else is dealing with.
this is not how i hoped she would spend her 2017.
you don’t know stress until you watch your parents deteriorate.
please keep her in your prayers as i will mine.
thanks foxhole.

7 thoughts on “Bad News on Christmas Eve

  1. Aaaw God it’s so sad. Prayers for her and her mother. I saw my aunt slowly dying of cancer in my bedroom because my mother want to have her sister with her. It’s horrible. I hope her mother will be ok.

    ps: but why reveal it on xma eve tho? why not before or atfer, to let the family have to little piece of happiness

  2. Wow, cancer is really an absolute nightmare. You’re absolutely right Jamari. There’s nothing like seeing your loved ones deteriorate right in front of your eyes. The helplessness is excruciating. It wasn’t my parents but my grandmother who I watched pass before my eyes because of cancer, and it was the worst experience ever. Our family is still dealing with the aftermath two years later. Seeing the pain in my mom and her siblings was particularly hard.

    I hope the pretty vixen’s mom is able to recover and be a success story, I would love to hear that. Blessings to her and her family.

    How awful.

  3. Her and her family will be in my prayers. I hate hearing that someone has cancer, it’s such a disgusting disease. I really hope they can find a cure for it soon, there is way too many people dying from it.

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