Trevante Rhodes (And his Arms) Are The Next Big Thing

you know everyone is still talmbout “moonlight”.
the talk is also about when trevante rhodes appeared on the screen.
i still remember how i felt.
i nearly shrieked in the theater.
so i saw trevante’s interview with “the hollywood reporter” and well…

i love this quote from that interview:

When I was 8 years old, I saw the Olympics for the first time, and I said I wanted to be the fastest man in the world. My mother said, “You’ll never be the fastest man in the world because there’s people in Kenya, there’s people in Jamaica, there’s people in Africa running because they want to eat. Until you want something like you want to eat, you’ll never be incredibly proficient at it.” That’s something that’s stuck with me. Everything I want, I do it like it’s the last thing.

i wonder if that applies to sex as well?

that quote is real talk tho.
so are his arms in that video.
i can’t wait to see what else trevante has in store for us next.
i hope issa rae casts him in “insecure” next season.
we can get a hot sex scene like “lawrence and bank teller”.
call him!

lowkey: his bawdy>>>
i would love to watch him work out.

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10 thoughts on “Trevante Rhodes (And his Arms) Are The Next Big Thing

  1. There is a very brief scene in Westworld, episode one toward the beginning where they are setting the scene for the season, it takes place in a brothel, where this absolutely gorgeous and jacked dude in a towel (or basically nothing) says like a line or two — and according to IMDB that’s Trevante Rhodes (Floyd). Cannot find the screenshot on google image but I didn’t look real hard… but you watch that scene it will stop you in your tracks. Sorry if this has already been covered 😉

  2. I saw him at a Q&A after a screening in Atl. Dude is definitely fine in person and much bigger up close!

  3. Sooo. Was he drawn to the movie because he reallllllly connected with the character? Is he on the team?

    1. He is straight but he did an interview in Texas Monthly magazine where he explained that best friend is gay.They have been best friends since he was 11years old so he watched as his friend struggled with his sexuality through the years.He said his friend had a Tough life.He said he didn’t do the film FOR his friend but he knew he would see it and he wanted him to be proud of his performance.He also said something interested about people who always ask him about his sexuality and approaching the role.He believes he would be the same person had he been born liking men rather than been born liking woman.So why should he approach the character differently because he is straight.

  4. I love to see a black man that’s as beautiful inside as he is outside. Trevante for President!!!

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