John Wall Made Me Cry Today

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.58.11 PMjohn wall is a good baller wolf.
i hate that he made me cry tho.
so john became cool with a six year old cancer patient named
miyah telemaque-nelson.
he would facetime her and even helped her meet nicki minaj.
well she died yesterday and he had an amazing game in her honor.
well this is what happened at the post game interview

that took me out this morning.
i hate to see people cry especially men.
you know we try to play it real tough.
well he posted something for miyah on his instagram:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.54.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.54.42 PMnicki even posted something as well:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.10.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.10.56 PMshe was such a beautiful little cub.
her mother also posted a response for john:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.20.20 PMi hate that cancer had to take her so soon.
may little miyah rip.

lowkey: i legit cried though writing that entire entry.
i love when baller wolves do stuff like this.
i’m telling you…
nothing humbles you more than watching someone you love die.

pictures taken: john wall | nicki minaj | jusdeesh

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “John Wall Made Me Cry Today”

  1. I was tearing up just reading this entry and seeing the pictures. I’m not gonna watch that interview.


  2. I got teary too. But it does say a lot when a black man cries because u know as a black man we’re raised to be tough and masculine all the time, so it refreshing to see a black man let his guards down.

  3. I feel for him because it is hard especially when you become attached to a child and knowing that they are sick and life is about to end.. I pray that John and her family can get comfort in knowing that she does not have to suffer anymore. This is time to rejoice, because GOD has gotten his little angel.

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