dougie doug douglas learns the truth about love

This is the face of someone who will find love again.
He just has to heal from this current hurt

i was sent in a video that made me sad.
it was from @dougiedougdouglas and his story is pretty brutal.
it’s a story we all have or may experience regardless of looks,
or IG clout

I need you to understand something…

you should ALWAYS protect yourself in a relationship,
regardless of whatever you think is going on.

You should always have a back up plan so that if a jackal leaves,
you will always be good.

what if that jackal abandoned him in a state he knows nothing about?
God protected him by having this happening sooner than later.

this is a learning lesson for dougie and the rest of us.

Some males will talk future goals with you,
fuck you so passionately you think its love,
and still leave you without any explanation as to why.

this has been happening to vixens for decades.
we saw how some of our fathers did our mothers.
this is why i laugh when people put males who are out on a pedestal.
he is out and proud so he’ll be better in a relationship?”

nah homie.

Many males who are out get down with the fuckery as worse as the DLs.
A male is still a male and that ruthlessness does not stop with race,
social standings,
or what side of the closet he stands on.

even if we don’t have money or the clout,
we gotta let a pineapple know if you leave us today,
we’ll be good without you tomorrow.

“I’ll have a better man in your place soon enough.

dougie will bounce back from this.
these are the lessons that are sent to teach us.
if he aces this test,
his glo up is about to shake the earth.
i’m excited to see what’s next for him!

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  1. As if nothing happen, damn that is very, very low. Being led to a mirage of deceit but at the same time is the other guy going through something or suffering from some mental illness that he needed a breather to break away. I’ve seen ppl do that shit and I hope he bounce back.

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